Alcohol and sports, you can drink alcohol before and after training

The question of the effect of alcohol on an athlete's body is one of the most common, especially among novice athletes. Evidence about that, that alcohol interferes with sports are often broken down by concrete facts about mysterious strongmen, which increase the effectiveness of training in proportion to the amount drunk.

It is necessary to specify at once, that sports and alcohol are incompatible in principle. You can have a couple of glasses of wine during the rest periods after the competition, but regular libations will not allow to reach any serious result.

Below we will consider the issue in more detail, Is it possible to do sports after drinking alcohol?, as well as the possible consequences of trying to combine alcohol and sports.

Вживання алкоголю до тренування

Worth to know, that even a bottle of beer strongly recommended by television advertising in the evening significantly reduces the effectiveness of training even the next day. Immediately before going to the hall, only people can drink alcohol, are very keen to change our perishable existence to a better world.

Training in the gym, in particular - power orientation, themselves are a considerable burden on the heart, bloody, digestive and other body systems. Heart, lungs and other organs work in okolopredelnyh regimes, and they need time to recover. And if at the same time a considerable part of the body's forces goes to trying to remove alcohol and its decay products, then the result can be very sad.

The statement that, that you can do sports after drinking alcohol, invented by those, who has never done anything systematically, and he determined the level of his achievements by eye. Really, after "acceptance to the chest", the feeling of fatigue is dulled, which gives the illusion of an incredible surge of strength. But in reality, strength indicators are decreasing, and quite noticeably.

One of the manifestations of alcohol intoxication is the slowing down of the passage of nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles and from sensitive nerves to the brain. An example can be the "sea walk" of a drunk person.

If at the time of the beginning of physical activity there is an increased content of alcohol in the blood, commands to contract muscle fibers will be weakened, and will also arrive with a significant delay. Therefore, the effect of alcohol on muscles during training will be expressed in a decrease in strength indicators only for a reason, that the brain will not be able to make the muscles contract with the necessary force and speed.

in addition, it is necessary to remember the violation of coordination and self-control when intoxicated. This is expressed in the deterioration of projectile grip control, as well as a dulled sense of responsibility. The result of such a situation can be, example, who tore the bar out of her hands during the bench press.

Another common thesis from "experts" is the statement that, that sports drive out alcohol. Actually, physical activity really accelerates the metabolism and promotes the elimination of ethanol breakdown products. But this refers to a light load at an average intensity, for example — jogging.

Strength training will quickly "drive" alcohol into the muscles and increase its destructive effect on the body.

So, doing sports after drinking alcohol does not make sense at least, and by and large – brings more harm, than benefits.

Вживання алкоголю після тренування

According to the degree of negative impact of alcohol on the athlete, taking alcohol after training in some moments may even exceed the above situation.

Worth to know, that during a certain period of time after physical exertion, the transport of the received substances to organs and tissues is significantly accelerated. In accordance, прийнятий алкоголь буде в максимально можливій мірі впитан як скелетної мускулатурою, and tissues of internal organs, for example - heart muscle.

First, What effect does drinking alcohol have on recovery time after exercise?. Будь-тренувальний цикл розрахований на певну швидкість регенерації м’язів після попередньої навантаження. And if the muscles will not recover under the constant influence of alcohol, that is, to grow - we cannot talk about any kind of progress.

Increased absorption of alcohol into the tissues of internal organs threatens serious disturbances in their work. The consequences for the heart are most clearly manifested, which is expressed in heart pains, tachycardia and other similar manifestations. But the absence of pain symptoms in the area of ​​other organs does not mean, that ethanol is less harmful for them.

So, to the question, Is alcohol harmful after training?, you can give an affirmative answer.

Особливості тренування після алкоголю на наступний день

The mistakes most novice athletes make are:, that they consider a high training load as the only condition for progress. In fact, fatigue after training is the key to increasing performance, and the recovery process before the next training session.

The next day after copious libations, the tone of the body cannot be normal, in accordance, it will not work to increase the result. in addition, often the effect of alcohol on training in the gym is manifested in the presence of increased blood pressure, that in addition to reducing performance, there is also a health hazard.

Also worth knowing, that the harm from alcohol during training consists in reducing the rate of protein production (in particular, for muscle fibers) and decreased testosterone levels, also regulates muscle recovery processes.

If, after all, a certain amount of alcohol was drunk before training, it is necessary to reduce the load to approx 70% from the planned.

Спортивне харчування і алкоголь

As mentioned above, one of the main effects of alcohol on the body is a decrease in the rate of formation of muscle fibers. This in itself makes it as pointless as training while drinking alcohol, as well as the use of any types of sports nutrition for building muscle mass.

in addition, many types of combined sports nutrition when mixed with alcohol can pose a serious health hazard. Worth to know, that most types of gainers and complex cocktails for mass gain contain various types of permitted stimulants (guarana, caffeine, thiamine and others). When used in dosages specified by the manufacturer, such substances should not have side effects, but when mixed with alcohol, they pose a considerable health hazard.

Шкоду алкоголю для спортсменів

The harm of alcohol in sports is not only in the manifestations listed above. Worth to know, that high doses of alcohol have the property of destroying muscle fibers.

so, if you do sports during the day, and spend the evenings in the company of bottles of alcohol, then, at least, you don't have to count on an increase in results, and at most - you can earn exhaustion, as the body will not be able to recover in such conditions.

It is also worth considering the combination of alcohol with used sports supplements or pharmacological support. As mentioned above, not all types of sports nutrition are compatible with alcohol. In the case of the use of any steroid stimulants, drinking alcohol can be life-threatening.

Frequently asked questions

  • Чи можна займатися спортом після вживання алкоголю

Considering the negative effects of alcohol on the body, do not do sports after taking strong drinks.

The exception is ultra-small doses (equivalent 5-10 g of pure alcohol), but basically the term "alcohol consumption" implies a much larger amount.

  • Через скільки після алкоголю можна займатися спортом

Minimum time, necessary for the complete removal of ethanol decomposition products primarily depends on the amount drunk. Basically, the period ranges from two days (when using the equivalent 100 grams of pure alcohol) up to a week (when using 250 grams and more). More details: how much alcohol evaporates.

  • Чому спортсменам не можна пити алкоголь

The presence of alcohol in the blood slows down or prevents muscle growth altogether, and also creates a high inefficient load on the cardiovascular system, which can lead to the development of a number of diseases.

Also, the presence of stimulating substances in a number of types of sports nutrition (for example, guarana extract), when mixed with alcohol can cause a hypertensive crisis.

  • Як алкоголь впливає на м’язи

Ethanol slows down the formation of new muscle fibers, and also has a destructive effect on existing ones.

  • Чи можна пити алкоголь після тренування

Since after physical exertion, substances entering the body are actively absorbed by organs and tissues, you can't drink alcohol after training.

  • Чи можна пити алкоголь в день тренування

To ensure the normal effectiveness of the training itself, and recovery after it, do not drink alcohol on the day of training.

  • Чи можна вживати алкоголь бодібілдерам

It is worth noting, that achieving the necessary indicators for building muscle mass in modern bodybuilding is possible only with the use of steroid stimulants. Taking such drugs creates a significant burden on the liver and kidneys, in addition, the reaction of the metabolites of such agents with alcohol creates substances dangerous to health and life, therefore, the use of alcohol is contraindicated for bodybuilders.

  • Скільки можна випити алкоголю після тренування

Worth to know, that alcohol and strength training are completely incompatible things. Before starting sports, it is necessary to realize, that in order to achieve the result, you will have to give up some bad habits, which also includes alcohol. So use drinks, containing alcohol after training is not worth it at all.

If you still have questions about alcohol and sports, write them in the comments, we will definitely answer them.

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