Auto tuning VAZ 2101 — 2107: photos and videos

VAZ cars are the most popular product of the domestic car industry. Today you can see on our roads in large numbers old models - such, as "Penny", and those, which have been released recently. In terms of quality and performance, such machines are significantly inferior to the products of famous foreign concerns, however, they do not cease to be in demand among domestic consumers.

This is due to the fact, that the car brand VAZ is much cheaper, than a foreign car, which not everyone can afford. in addition, for our cars it is easier and cheaper to buy spare parts and accessories, they are better adapted to the peculiarities of domestic realities.

VAZ tuning 2107 with their own hands

As for the shortcomings of the exterior, interior and design flaws, in this regard, domestic cars have a huge advantage over foreign ones. They give a huge space for the implementation of various creative ideas for improving the car - VAZ tuning has become a kind of calling card of Russian motorists. Domestic craftsmen show so much ingenuity and ingenuity, performing car tuning, that foreign guests are only amazed.

VAZ tuning option 2101

We will consider below, as on the old models of this brand you can perform external tuning - photos will help to get a better idea. Improvements in appearance usually cause more admiration from others - this is not surprising, after all, they are noticeable at first glance.

Tune "Penny"

Usually VAZ tuning 2101 start with replacing the discs - this will help make the exterior of the car more attractive, and driving on a bad road is softer and more comfortable. Forged discs are the most profitable option - they are stronger and more reliable than others. However, their cost is quite high - not everyone will dare to spend a certain amount of money, in this case, you can buy alloy wheels. They are inferior to forged in strength and reliability, but look very stylish.

Tuned VAZ 2101

And if you have already decided to change the car wheels, at the same time put a new tire.

Banner upholstery is very popular among the owners of "Kopeyok", because the driver is inside while driving, therefore aesthetic pleasure and comfort are important to him.

Banner upholstery VAZ 2101

Those, who loves music, install a music system in the cabin with speakers and subwoofer - for a good song, the trip is much more fun.

Tuned "Penny"

If you are ready for more serious interior transformations, you can replace the dashboard and install additional lighting - it's convenient and stylish.

Replacement of optics is very popular among the owners of "Kopeyok" - LED backlight looks very impressive. However, here it is important not to forget about it, that all is well in moderation - some cars with lots of backlight look a bit tasteless and silly. And at the same time you can think about a new bumper - there are very interesting options.

Penny tuning

What changes can be made to VAZ 2102

This model also has, where to roam fantasies. Let's start with the air intakes on the bumper - they make the appearance much more modern and dynamic. in addition, the engine cooling system works more efficiently.

At the same time you can put a radiator grille, which will protect the hood space from dust and dirt particles, which get there while driving.

Fiberglass thresholds are inexpensive, however, they significantly reduce the likelihood of corrosion from constant exposure to moisture and chemically active reagents.

Threshold tuning for VAZ 2102

Heated and electrically operated mirrors, which helps to set them in the right position, increase the comfort of viewing the road behind the car. Heating eliminates the possibility of fogging and hollow, which increases safety when driving at low temperatures.

Today there are many options for changing the optics of the car - the main ones, dimensional, rotary and fog lights are subject to change, which is suggested by the imagination of the owners. Very often, when making adjustments to the optics, LED lighting is used, which has recently been in great demand among motorists.

Reinforced bumper on the UAZ
Tuning of VAZ taillights 2102

You can see the bumper tuning below in the photo, which can be done even with your own hands. If you do not feel the ability for such work, No problem - various garages and online stores offer similar products in large quantities.

Bumper tuning for VAZ 2102

The most common material is fiberglass - it allows you to create interesting configurations and provides good performance in the face of obstacles.

If you do not want to spend money and effort on installing a new bumper, you can just cover it with vinyl film, which will add new touches to the exterior of the car.

Radiator grilles are a separate element, on which the "face" of the car depends. They should be dense enough, to prevent dust and dirt, but at the same time must provide full cooling of the bonnet space.

Radiator grille tuning for VAZ 2102

Some drivers do not like to often clean the space under the hood from dirt, and they are willing to sacrifice the degree of cooling. In this case, choose a product, divided into "cells" - the area of ​​space for dust to get significantly reduced.

VAZ car tuning 2102

Inside the cabin can be upholstered in a new seat, replace the instrument panel, to make illumination for devices, etc.. It all depends on the amount of money and energy, which you are willing to spend on improving the interior of your car.

Let's talk about VAZ 2103

The Troika's external improvements are done in different ways. You can install a state-of-the-art plastic bumper, alternative optics to equip the structure with specialized elements, which increase the aerodynamic properties of the car and replace the discs. You can see below in the photo tuning "Troika", who changed the car beyond recognition - some find it a special chic.