Chainsaw "Ural": structure, advantages and disadvantages, Specifications

Brainchild of the Perm Chainsaw Plant "Ural", quality receiver from the legendary "Friendship". It has enjoyed stable success among consumers for more than a decade. Let's consider its structure, advantages, disadvantages and technical characteristics.

Chainsaw "Ural"

A chainsaw is a hand tool, equipped with an internal combustion engine. The handle helps to hold in the hands, and the working part is the tire. Quite a mobile tool, therefore, it is irreplaceable for a private farm and in a forest clearing.

Simple household saws have a somewhat simplified structure, which makes them easy to use by the layman without experience. But the conditions of its operation are softer - the working time is no more than a month 20 hours. Professional units, example, "Ural" is broad-based and conditions, in which they can be used much harder, including operating time.

Initially, the Ural chainsaw was designed as a highly specialized professional tool for logging. Therefore, its sister chainsaw "Friendship" is more familiar to the private user, while "Ural" is mainly used by professional fellers. Her productivity ensured 80% domestic logging. The first chainsaw "Ural" was born in 1935 year, and in 2005 year plant named after F. V. Dzerzhinsky produced the 14 millionth unit of this technique.

What is the difference between the chainsaw "Ural" and "Druzhba"

Although both of these saws are similar in many ways, they have a number of differences:

  • "Ural" has a higher power indicator - 5 horsepower, in comparison, "Friendship" has everything 4 l. With.;
  • Lightweight "Ural" in 11 kg (near Druzhba 12,5) makes the tool more convenient to use;
  • "Ural" is equipped with a mechanism, capable of turning the saw blade on 90 degrees, which greatly facilitates felling of the forest;
  • The raised handles of the "Ural" allow you to work even with a large thickness of the snow layer. in addition, the back of the operator is practically not overloaded;
  • The Ural chainsaw has been improved with a hydrocline for felling trees in the right direction. A chain lubrication system is also implemented, which was not in the previous model.

Automatic chain lubrication allows you to work with very high productivity. Interesting, that the loggers decided to change the saw mechanism of the "Ural" to "Stihl", receiving increased performance from such a modification.

Disadvantages of the Ural chainsaw

Of course, like any aggregate, with all the benefits, chainsaw "Ural" has its shortcomings:

  1. Smoke from the engine when operating the tool. Even taking into account the fairly high position of the handles, a woodcutter often has to breathe far from the aromas of the forest, and garom;
  2. Excessively large mesh from the air filter, unlike foreign brands. So, the domestic unit has a grid cell in tenths of a millimeter, and foreign ones in fractions of a micron. This fact significantly reduces the performance of the tool;
  3. Increased proportions of gasoline and oil 20:1 compared to imported models, who work for 50:1;
  4. Periodic problems with gearbox failure and engine jamming;
  5. The saw does not have a chain brake.

But you can also find positive points among the factors, which at first glance appear to be disadvantages. Example, the engine parts of the Ural chainsaw are not so meticulously adjusted, like a foreign unit. For this reason, the ingress of small debris does not cause much damage, burning inside.

Professional for the home

The Ural chainsaw can also be successfully used as a home assistant. It will cope perfectly with planned pruning of trees, sawing firewood, and also when working with any wood. It can perform cutting both across the fibers, and along them. Almost no weather conditions scare this tool, but within the limits of -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. There is nothing overly complicated in maintaining a chainsaw - refueling with a mixture of gasoline and oil.

Technical characteristics of the chainsaw "Ural"

Characteristics of the chainsaw "Ural":

  • Engine: petrol, two-stroke, number of cylinders - 1;
  • Cylinder volume 94 sm3;
  • The volume of the gasoline tank - 2 liters, oil - 0,4 liters;
  • Power: 3,68 kw;
  • Fuel consumption 632 grams per kWh;
  • Tire lengths 46 cm, weight 11,7 kg;
  • Amenities: anti-vibration frame, turning the tire on 90 degrees, chain lubricant.

How to run in a chainsaw

Before putting the tool into operation, it must be run in, which means to work out a certain time of idleness. For this, the following fuel is taken: gasoline and oil in the ratio 15:1. During break-in, you have to spend 4 tank of this fuel, and then already in working mode on the same mixture of gasoline and oil. But we must take into account, what 25 hours you need to use a chainsaw on jobs with light loads.

Such a tactic allows the working elements - the carburetor, engine and gearbox of the unit to enter normal working order in the best condition. This will ensure the preservation of the chainsaw for a long operational period. After all the break-in modes, the fuel proportions must be changed: gasoline and oil in the ratio 20:1.

How to adjust the carburetor

So that there are no problems with operation, it is necessary, primarily, adjust the carburetor correctly. Different modes of operation require the use of a certain composition of the fuel mixture. Here "Ural" has its nuances, which you need to find in the instructions. Your task is to find the parameters of the factory settings in the data sheet of the chainsaw.

So, the tool should work for several hours without changing the settings. Next, start the saw and work with it at minimum revolutions. Then, with the help of a screwdriver and an adjusting screw, it is necessary to set the desired position. The engine should gradually gain speed, given that, that the chain on the tire remains stationary. Now the transition to higher revolutions is carried out, if there is smoke from the engine, you need to slightly tighten the screw. As a result, the mixture will become poorer and the smoke will go away.

It is advisable to adjust so, so that when the throttle is pressed sharply, the increase in revolutions occurs quickly, but not in jerks, but smoothly. The principle here is simple – unscrewing the screw enriches the mixture, twisting impoverishes. This allows for very precise adjustment of the carburetor.

Chainsaw MP-5 "Ural-2T Electron"

The unit called MP-5 "Ural-2T Electron" is a gasoline engine saw for working with felling and clearing trees, as well as further processing of firewood.


  • Chainsaw weight (without starter 200 m) – 10,3 kg;
  • Dimensions L/W/H with tire– 880/455-460/460-560;
  • Tire length — 46-55 cm;
  • Width (ditch, groove) – 5 mm;
  • Power 3,68 kW or 5 l. With.;
  • Maximum fuel consumption 632 g/kW*year;
  • Productivity - up to 100 cm sawing for 1 min;
  • Produced sound - 105 dB;
  • Fuel tank on 1,6 l;
  • Refueling: gasoline A-72 and motor oil M-8B;

The supporting frame is equipped with a vibration damping device in the form of a hinged connection, attached to the steering wheel, and the steering wheel itself is equipped with a damping spring. Due to this, the hands of the operator are protected from strong vibration as a result of sawing.

Why "Ural"?

The Ural chainsaw is an excellent workhorse, which has a number of advantages over other models: powerful, unpretentious, productive and easy to repair. The special possibility of sawing along the fibers allows you to split logs along, and not just across, can be a key parameter for some tasks. The price and omnivorousness of the Ural chainsaw in the matter of choosing oils and gasoline for operation also bribes. The manufacturer intends to release new modifications of this unit, which will be equipped with imported spare parts.