Can the washing machine be transported lying down?: transportation rules

Can the washing machine be transported lying down?: transportation rules

This often happens, that when moving, people face the inconvenience of transporting a washing machine. Its transportation is complicated by specific requirements, because simply immersing it in the car will not be enough. This raises additional questions:

  1. How to transport a washing machine?
  2. Is it possible to transport the vending machine lying on the side panel?
  3. Is it possible to transport the device without packaging??
  4. Is it possible to do without transport bolts??

We will try to answer them in the article.

Preparing the device for moving

Before loading the washing machine, it is necessary to place it in the factory box. Additional protection can be provided by laying foam or foam blocks. This is the best option, but it is quite difficult to fulfill all the listed conditions. In reality, the owners keep the original packaging for several years. Then the box, and together with it, the regular fasteners are thrown into the landfill. So, transporting the device, will have to make do with improvised means.

The washing machine should be transported as follows:

  1. Turn off the device from the electrical network and water supply.
  2. Drain the remaining water from the drum, hoses, nozzles and other elements of the system. Pay particular attention to the drain pump. Water, which was not removed from the machine, can cause trouble during transportation.
  3. Immobilize pipes, wiring, hoses and other moving elements. You can do it with tape, or plastic clamps. Loose elements can be damaged when moving and loading the washing machine.
  4. Pre-treat the protruding parts of the device with tape. This will ensure greater safety of the external parts of the device and the surrounding environment. Protected edges do not injure the loaders and do not spoil the packaging.

Next, it is necessary to fix the tank of the washing machine in one position. You can't do without standard bolts here. They are mounted on the back or top panel of a household appliance.

If they were lost, you will have to do without transport elements and dismantle the top cover of the washing machine. This is necessary for laying in the space between the tank and the panels of the machine insuring foam. You can also use foam parts for this, rags and others. After completing this procedure, screw the top panel securely.

Having ensured the real estate of the tank, do not forget to protect the outer walls of the machine. Wrap them in a soft cloth, secure everything with a secure cord. After performing all these actions, you can be sure - the automatic washing machine will calmly survive the future transportation. The main thing, carefully place it in the car and do not tilt it.

transportation process

Having prepared the washing machine for transportation, what will be done, feel free to load it into the vehicle. If, when you need to lower the machine from the upper floor, try not to turn it over. Experts recommend carrying it in an upright position, only a slight slope is allowed.

After that determine, how to transport a washing machine in a truck. Remember that, that a washing machine can be installed:

  • in standard, standing position;
  • on the sidebar;
  • on the back panel.

How to properly transport a washing machine? An ideal option for transportation, according to professionals, will be transported in a natural position for the structure. In other words, the machine should be transported standing up. The most important thing is to securely fix the tank.

Install the device sideways as the truck moves. Clamp the washing machine with other bulky items like this, so that it does not move during movement.

Importantly! Do not try to place the machine on the top cover. The only possible option for transporting it in this position is dismantling the motor.

This is how the automatic washing machine is transported. You can carry it on your side, but it is better to do it standing. Follow the advice, given in this article, and you will make the move without any problems.

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