What are rats afraid of?: loving, what smells, scares away mice, means, plants, herbs

What are rats afraid of?: loving, what smells, scares away mice, means, plants, herbs

Like other animals, that mice and rats do not like, when their shelter suddenly starts to smell bad or makes scary noises. So, it can be used to scare away pests from the house, at the same time it is possible to do without mutilating mousetraps and poisons.

"Evict" rats from the barn or garage

In the garage or barn, some owners prefer to store food, example, some preparations for the winter, vegetables or potato harvest. Therefore, the appearance of rats and mice in such non-residential premises is a matter of time. To drive them out, you can use proven folk remedies. First you need to understand, what a smell mice don't like. Rodents are unlikely to like such aromas:

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  • naphthalene;
  • gas;
  • the smell of burnt wool;
  • colognes and eau de toilette (cheap, but stable, for example "Red Moscow" or "Triple cologne");
  • the smell of burnt rubber.

Achieve the effect is quite simple: you need to place deterrents in the room and close it. It is important not to go in there for a while. Mice and rats will soon not be able to withstand such a smell and will go to a more favorable place.

However, not only people took care of the protection of premises from rodents, but also nature itself. Such herbs, like elderberry and swamp, have long been used just for this purpose. The most effective remedy is the black root plant. He was popularly called "krysogon", because rodents flee in panic, as soon as you hear its smell. The plant is very poisonous, and its seeds adhere well to the skin of the animal. It is enough to lay out in the room slightly moistened in warm water grass and you can not be afraid of rodents. But in order not to fall victim to rats, it is better to work in gloves.

This method is definitely not suitable for removing rodents from a house or apartment, even if there is a local epidemic of colds in the yard in autumn and in the house. Of course, the stuffy nose will not smell, but harmful substances from burnt rubber in any case get into the body, and persistent spirits and kerosene can give you a headache. Therefore it is necessary to pick up another, a more gentle way to breed rodents.

Effective rodent spray

How to breed rodents (video)

What mice love?

Choosing a remedy for rodents, should be used not only to scare away plants, sources of loud sounds or strong-smelling means. You can do the opposite and choose one to eliminate rodents, loving rats , and not you, which scares them.

For some reason, mice love the smell of beer, that should not be overlooked when choosing a way to evict them from the apartment. If the mice are so brave, walking calmly around the apartment, you can make simple and environmentally friendly "mousetraps" from plastic beer bottles.

Making such a trap does not take much time. To do this, a bottle (necessarily unwashed!) it is necessary to put so, so that the neck was a little higher, than the bottom. You need to make a small "step" to it, so that the mouse can quickly get out of it. The trap is ready! It remains to place several of these in the house. Probably, the next morning in several of these traps will be a mouse.

Rarely does a scent attract mice in the same way, like beer, so they are easy to put in and put in a bottle. They will not be able to get out of there, as just slide on smooth walls.

Popular poison for mice

In addition to beer, you can use ordinary sunflower oil. It should be poured into a glass bottle. The tank is installed at an angle. Inside you can put some tasty-smelling bait, what rodents are not afraid of (a piece of cheese, sausages or lard).

Those, who has tried such a means of catching mice, no longer buy ordinary mousetraps. Bottles do not clap in the middle of the night and, unlike poisons, are not harmful to health and protect the human nervous system from stress at the sight of dead mice.

Breeding rats

If mice can not boast of special mental abilities, then rats are a completely different matter. They are very smart, cunning and careful. Not every homeowner can understand right away, what rats are afraid of, as many have a feeling, that it is impossible to frighten them and take them out of the house forever.

You can use the same tools to control these rodents, as for mice. It, in the first place, plants: chamomile, peppermint, pyrethrum. You can spread bundles of tansy in the house, but this plant is not the safest, you need to be more careful with it.

Cats can also catch rats, but there are nuances. Modern cats have become quite corrupt creatures. They have a lot of food, so they have no need to hunt rats. If you decide to use this method, it is better to connect an ordinary domestic cat to work, and better - a cat, as due to the need to feed kittens, their hunting instinct is more developed.

The use of ultrasonic repellents against mice is an effective way, but in the case of rats does not always work.

In rural areas, rats are often used inhumanely, but effective methods. It is considered, that the best way to get rid of rodents is to take one of the "trophies" of a neighbor rat cat (uneaten rat carcass), place it on a metal shovel, pour something strong and set fire to. With such a burden you need to go around all the places, where there are especially many rats. This tool is very effective: rodents leave the area and do not appear there for at least a year.

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