Why the computer does not see the TV when connected via hdmi

Today, any user can connect a laptop with an HDMI cable, and a desktop computer with a flat-screen LCD TV, and then enjoy the expanded image. Such a connection is not always successful: example, there may be no sound. But there are cases, when the computer does not see the TV at all, connected via HDMI, although the wire you just bought in the store, where a comprehensive inspection was conducted. There are many reasons for incorrect cable operation, and the search for the real problem must be done consistently.

we carry out diagnostics

What to do, if the TV does not see the laptop via HDMI? Open all modern products support such a connection: HDMI on the TV is installed on almost every model. If the laptop was connected according to all the rules, but still no image, then connect the laptop to the TV, at the same time we consistently check all possible problems.

Cable test

No product, even the most reliable brand, not insured against factory defects, especially when assembled by hand. At purchase the quality of the image is checked, sound, but never check the specific connectors and jacks on the TV - at best, check for them, and even then not all buyers. It often happens, that the cable itself does not work, although it is not used for such a long time. You must connect the same cable, but to another device, if it functions normally - then, the reason, that the computer does not see the TV, lies in the latter. It is necessary to diagnose the TV for the recognition of similar signals.

Check the signal source

On the remote control (ДУ) press the button, to select an external input option. It depends on the specific model of the product, which button on the TV remote control to press: "source" (source), "Exit" (input) or "HDMI" (LG, Sony або Samsung). When pressed, a menu with a detailed list of active inputs appears on the screen. We choose and confirm, pressing OK or Enter, just the right entrance, to which the cable was previously connected, coming from the laptop.

Working with the monitor

If the laptop does not see the TV while connecting multiple monitors, then you need to make additional settings. These simple manipulations can be performed by any user without special education:

  • move the cursor to any free space on the desktop;
  • to display the menu, right-click;
  • find the section "screen resolution" - Windows 7, and if there is WindowsXP, then "graphic characteristics";
  • then you need to choose an acceptable option, to duplicate the screen.

Every laptop has a specific F4 key, if you press it together with the Fm button (located to the right of Crtl) repeatedly, then you can select the desired option for the external screen - so the computer begins to see the TV.

Video card and drivers

Open the "Device Manager" of your laptop, to check the driver versions of the installed video card. Outdated software is the main reason, that the TV does not see the laptop. In this case, you need to go to the manufacturer's website, where you can download new "firewood" - the video card will be updated, you will be able to establish the required connection.

Perhaps, the fault lies, that the operating system has been infected with viruses or there has been unauthorized malware. With a powerful antivirus (computer security program), able to find all spies of any level, Scan your computer carefully and reconnect.

Some experts strongly recommend checking the version for your Smart TV platform: sometimes the laptop via HDMI could not connect for this reason. Smart TV and iOS firmware update, perhaps, the problem will disappear.

Connection port faulty

Any connector may be mechanically damaged or burn out when the voltage jumps, which are not uncommon in our electrical networks. Experienced wizards recommend connecting the HDMI wire when the devices are disconnected from the network, even the antenna cable is recommended to be disconnected at this time.

There is also such a rather rare reason, why the TV does not see HDMI: it simply does not have additional power on the video card, and without this connection will not work.

You can see all the details and connection options with this video: