Why vertical or horizontal streaks appear on the TV screen

Vertical or horizontal streaks on the TV screen with LCD or computer monitor - a small defect, which will not allow you to use the device. Even if they periodically disappear, it still speaks of matrix malfunctions, loop or circuit elements.

Causes of malfunction

Actually, such a defect on the LCD does not always mean a serious technical problem. For the simplest reasons, the appearance of a bar on the screen can be distinguished:

  • incorrect image settings (just run automatic setup);
  • poor cable connection, they can be clogged or clogged with dust.

Vertical or horizontal streaks may appear continuously or intermittently due to complex damage, often accompanied by flicker, "Sticking" frame, ripples or geometric distortions of the picture. This problem can occur for several reasons:

  • poor matrix loop connection (oxidation, break);
  • breakage of the matrix itself;
  • failure of various circuit elements.

Microcracks in the plume

No equipment is insured against damage, but in most cases they can be corrected. The downside is, that the cost of some spare parts is comparable to buying a new panel - in this case it is better to abandon the repair. Firstly, replacement of a part does not give guarantees of full serviceability, secondly, over time, other components may fail, then the total repair cost will exceed the purchase of a new TV.

If the TV panel is just bought in a store and has not been used for a long time 14 days, it should be exchanged.

It is not recommended to agree to repairs, because there is no certainty, that later the stripes will not reappear on your TV screen. Do not repair yourself during the warranty period, it is more practical to hand over the TV to the service center. So, the user will not lose the warranty, which is assumed by the manufacturer, and will not exacerbate the breakdown on a large scale.

Eliminate bad contact

Stripes on the LCD TV screen may appear due to poor connection. This kind of malfunction, usually, - the result of poor assembly or improper use of the TV. Example, moisture entering the case, which may be the result of improper screen cleaning, mechanical shocks. It is possible to establish this reason after visual inspection of connections with the naked eye or by means of magnifying devices..

Oxidation of contacts on the board

Oxidation of contacts can be cleaned with a blade or knife, it is easy to identify by green plaque, but if the problem is large-scale, then it is difficult to fix it yourself. Then you need to check the voltage or ring the contacts with a multimeter.

Poor contact can be caused by incorrect loop connections, to do this, you can disconnect and reconnect them.

Another reason for the appearance of various streaks on the TV display is the breakage of the cable wires. It can be determined by lightly pressing or moving the loop: if the image is restored, means, breakage detected. Breakage removal is a painstaking and delicate process. You need to determine with a magnifying glass, where exactly the wiring is broken. You can restore them, using conductive varnish or heating the contacts to a moderate temperature. Severe overheating will disable all contacts.

Recovery with conductive glue

Loop replacement

In some cases, you will have to change the entire loop of the matrix to a new one. In the first place, you need to buy a new part - you can order it in a repair shop, but before that find out the exact model of your TV, year of manufacture of the TV or monitor. It is possible to change a faulty train of a matrix independently or in service. Some tools are required for repairs: screwdrivers or PH bits, PZ, TORX, HEX, SL.

The connection cable is located inside the housing, so, it must be carefully disassembled. The roof needs to be removed, carefully unscrew all the bolts and get to the part.

It is important to know! The bolts are always standard and unscrewed counterclockwise. in addition, many connecting cables and wires can be attached to the cover. Disassembling the TV, do not make sudden movements, to avoid burglary.

Most connections are secured with special connectors, the wires don't have to be watered. Just press the latch (the connection principle is similar to internet or telephone cables).

Designs of TVs of different firms, such as Samsung (Samsung), Sony (Sony), Philips (Phillips), may differ, so you should use the instructions, or order details of the assembly on the official website of the company.