Why the electric ignition does not work on a gas stove

Why the electric ignition does not work on a gas stove

Designers install automatic ignition on many models of gas stoves, which is turned on with gas supply or from a separate button. This function is very convenient: no need to come into contact with an open flame for that, to light the burner. If you suddenly discovered, that the autoignition on the gas stove does not work, do not rush to call the service: repair of this malfunction can be done with your own hands.

signs of malfunction

Experts from gas stoves based on collected statistics compiled an approximate register of frequently occurring failures.

  1. When pressing the burner control knob or a special separate button, electric ignition does not occur.
  2. The automation of the product in the gas stove works constantly, hear a click, but there is no spark - the gas does not ignite.
  3. The system does not turn off after releasing the button or knob.
  4. The device continues to work constantly, even then, when the button was not pressed.
  5. Knocks out the automatic protection in the apartment panel when starting.
  6. A closed piezo ignition circuit or the stove's power button.

How it works

Electric kindling can only be used on gas stoves. Its main function is to ignite the blue fuel at the moment of its exit from the burner cutter, installed on a gas stove. It is of automatic and mechanical type. In the first option, special piezo elements ignite the gas-air mixture when the switch on the control panel is turned, and in the second case, the user must press a special button. The spark ignites the gas and you can start cooking. The automatic gas ignition device is the most capricious and unreliable device in the entire arsenal, which is equipped with a modern gas stove.

Very important! Never attempt to turn on the system, if the burners are removed, a breakdown on the case is guaranteed.

In total, the entire work of this system looks like this:

  • the user clicks the button, thereby it supplies voltage to the capacitor, which starts charging;
  • the level on thyristors gradually increases, when it reaches a set threshold, then the capacitor discharges;
  • a voltage appears at the output of the entire system, which starts a special device — a discharger;
  • the spark ignites the gas.

The whole system works much faster, than we talk about her. The spark is fed to that burner, which is currently enabled (in old models, it was applied to all devices, but it lit up, where gas access was open). The start buttons are located below the controls. Electric ignition is powered by an alternating current network 220 volts and is vulnerable to voltage drops, which happen quite often. After a power surge, it may click continuously, which reports its breakdowns.

The system will work only in that case, if the plug of a separate cable is connected to the home electrical network, which many users forget and call the service with complaints.

causes of failure

Why the electric ignition of the gas stove does not work? There are several causes of malfunction in this device.

  1. There is no spark on the electrodes.
  2. Moisture or grease has gotten on the inside of the system or on the surface of the spark plug.
  3. A crack has appeared or the insulation of the ceramic candle has burst.
  4. The transformer — spark generation unit — burned out.
  5. The contacts of the power button were oxidized or soot formed on them as a result of short circuit (short circuit).

Some malfunctions may appear after wet cleaning of the given surface, when moisture gets inside the plate. To eliminate them, it is enough to do prevention: cleaning contacts, dry candles - almost the same measures are taken by motorists.

If only one burner does not light, then the reason may be damage to the high-voltage wire to the ignition electrode, the ignition device itself or a malfunction of the channel of the entire unit.

we are doing repairs

When you looked around, found out the cause and diagnosed problems - you can proceed to self-repair. It is made similarly for all models. The famous Italian brand Ariston or the Belarusian Hephaest stove, which is in great demand among Russians - there is no difference, ignition systems are almost identical except for purely individual nuances.

Before starting the repair, refresh your knowledge by reading the product's operating instructions.

  1. We set fire to the faulty burner using an external source of open fire, matches or a lighter - the flame should be even and distributed around the entire circle of the cutter. The yellow color of the flame means the wrong concentration of gas and air: the nozzle must be cleaned or replaced. Perhaps, that the cutter has clogged holes or moisture has gotten there. Prevention must be done, blow out all holes, remove the burner housing and inspect it.
  2. All electrodes and switches are connected in parallel. Each electrode is powered by a single ignition unit, but their inclusion occurs from different buttons. To make sure, that only this button does not work, and the control unit is normal, the next burner must be turned on. If the gas ignites, repair the button, and everything else in the system works fine.
  3. If the ignition device crackles constantly, then it is necessary to check the contacts - they may have stuck due to grease or carbon deposits may have formed as a result of oxidation. Before repairing, do not forget to disconnect the stove from the network, then carefully disassemble, clean the contacts or dry them with a hair dryer. Compliance with safety requirements will protect you from injury.

Most of the breakdowns, which led to rejection, can be eliminated independently - they are safe for the user, but you have to remember, that gas stoves are potentially dangerous products, therefore, even preventive work should be performed carefully.

Sometimes a broken ignition button leads to, that repair will not help - a complete replacement is required. In this case, it is better to go to special stores and buy a similar option.

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