LG washing machine drum cleaning function

Cleaning the drum in an LG washing machine is a convenient and pleasant function. She, Of course, not all models have it. However, the owners of those devices, in which it is, most often it is undeservedly ignored. Sooner or later, the time comes to clean the car from scale or mold, this is where the drum cleaning mode will help.

Mode features

The function will help maintain the cleanliness of the washing machine and avoid mold, prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors. This is a great mode, cleans the internal parts of the device. Thanks to him, the machine can be freed from various insoluble particles, example, sand, wool, fabric remnants and other debris.

If you regularly turn on the drum cleaning mode, then the hostess will never have to clean the car from mold, as the device operates at high temperature (close 60 degrees), and the speed reaches it 150 rpm.

This process is gradual:

  • The first step is to start the pre-wash function.
  • After it, the main one is activated, just at this moment the water heats up to 60 degrees, and the speed of rotation of the drum of the washing machine increases.
  • The last stage is double rinsing and wringing.

The program runs for almost an hour and a half. It is recommended to include it at least once a month.

How to clean the drum? Instructions for turning on the additional mode:

  1. Since this program is separate, it is activated with just one button. However, before starting, you need to check the drum for the absence of foreign objects, forgotten clothes and garbage. After - close the door of the machine, connect the washing machine to the network and press the star button for three seconds. The last action is pressing "Start".
  2. The program does not require powder or descaling agent, she works "idle". The manufacturer does not recommend adding any funds, as they may cause the device to fail.

Which models of washing machines are equipped with a drum cleaning function

Not all models have this function, but a lot. Here are the most popular:

LG F-1296ND3: positioned as a stand-alone model, but her cover comes off, so the machine can be built in. Maximum download - 6 kg, width - 60 centimeters, per minute performs up to 1200 spins of the drum. There is also a mode, which prevents creasing of fabrics, modes for washing delicate and mixed fabrics, children's underwear, stain removal program. The machine has partial leakage protection, there is a timer to delay the start of washing.

LG F-10B8ND: stands alone, like the previous one. Can be embedded, as the cover is removed. Electronic management, capacity - 6 kilograms, width - 60 centimeters. There are also modes for different fabrics, mode, which prevents creasing. Turns per minute is carried out by 1000. There is a mobile diagnostics (Smart Diagnosis), there is protection against leaks.

Both models have energy consumption class A. Prices - up to 25 thousand rubles.