Feeders for goats: options, methods of application and how to make your own hands

Goats are quite cute animals, but in their character there are distinctive features - capriciousness and the desire to steal food. They try to try everything, what they see on the pasture, only a couple of plants are bypassed, like to visit other people's gardens. With the onset of cold weather, goats are left in barns. They often throw hay and what is found on the floor from ordinary feeders, not eating. They can climb into the feeder with their feet and trample all the contents. Goat is a nasty animal and contaminated food will no longer be. Therefore, it is important to make feeders for goats with your own hands, so as to outwit the rebellious animal.

Feeders come in different designs: for hard and soft feeds, or combined. Creating them with your own hands requires a minimum of effort and a small amount of time. First, determine the place in the room, where to place it. Here you need to take into account the freedom of movement of animals, so that they do not crowd in front of the entrance. Therefore we establish a design in the far corner of a shed.

Preparatory stage of work

Choosing the location of the future feeder, you need to start preparing the necessary working tools and materials for construction. It is important to consider the size of the building, calculating it from the number of animals. So, necessary:

  • plane;
  • nails or screws;
  • saw;
  • hammer.

Construction is made of wooden boards and thin bars. There are several design options for feeders.

The main stage of creating a feeder with your own hands

Two identical in width boards are nailed from below on 10-15 cm from the floor in the corner of the room, one thin fasten on top of them at a distance taking into account that, so that the goat does not touch the horns. Then we fasten thin bars vertically on self-tapping screws or nails between the top and bottom boards on 25-30 see from each other. Outwardly, it resembles a fence from a fence.

After checking the design in action: run goats and observe their behavior. Often goats are very quickly assimilated and immediately begin to pull hay from the new feeder. This is a very simple version of the feeder with your own hands, available to absolutely every fan.