Heads and tails in moonshine are properly separated and separated from the body

Making alcohol at home is an exciting and creative activity. And the process, and the result, and even study themes bring pleasure to home distillers. But you need to follow certain rules, so as not to get a dangerous product. And for this you need to properly allocate fractions in our drink. After all, they contain dangerous compounds.

Moonshine factions

Does not matter, from which raw materials braga is prepared, all the same in the course of heating from it substances harmful to a human body are allocated. They are called "fusel oils", although this is not a completely correct definition. That in moonshine there were as few as possible, it is necessary to carry out branch of the first, second and third factions. They are uneven in volume, fortress, composition.

  • The main faction or "head" appears in the tank first. It is popularly called the "firstborn" and is considered the most valuable, but this is not the case. It is as strong as possible and incredibly harmful - it can be used only for technical purposes. If you separate it with a margin, you need to let go of 50 grams per pound of sugar.
  • The central part or "body" is relatively pure alcohol.
  • The remaining part of home brewing or "tails" also contains many impurities, but the tails in the moonshine are to be processed. They can also be used to make the next batch of wort.

How everything happens in practice

  1. Quickly heat the distilling cube to 65 ° C – 70 ° C. We greatly reduce the fire, to all harmful volatiles substances went into steam and began to enter the tank. We are waiting, while in the last the necessary volume of liquid will gather and we carry out selection of heads. After that, it is desirable to change the steamer and hoses.
  2. Heat the cube to t + 93 ° C, we make the temperature like this, that moonshine came with speed 120 drops for a minute. So we get the maximum volume of the "body" and the minimum composition of impurities in this fraction.
  3. Along the way, measure the fortress of incoming portions. As soon as the moonshine becomes below 40 ° and stops burning, change the tank.

Importantly: measure the strength of the portions at t = + 20 ° C!

  1. Now the "tails" will come. You need to drive them until then, until t brew reaches + 98.7 ° C. At this temperature, the raw material is almost no alcohol. Then the water will begin to evaporate, that's all, what we will achieve, - reduce the concentration of alcohol in the last fraction. The "tail" can be purified and re-sent for distillation.

Theoretical basis

To know, how to properly select the heads and the residual fraction, you need to understand, why it is done. Let's deal with the physics of our home distillation.

The brew contains or is formed in the process of distillation of substances with different boiling points. While we heated the distilling cube and selected heads, methyl alcohol turned into vapors, acetic ether and aldehyde, ant-ethyl ether. And all these extremely dangerous substances with a boiling point less than + 78.4 ° C got into our glass-tank.

Obviously, that in further distillation they will break free again before alcohol (it just turns into steam at + 78.4 ° C) and will again be present in the distillation. Therefore it is necessary to separate heads and at the first, and in subsequent distillations. Here, savings can lead to sad consequences.

To summarize

To break the resulting moonshine into fractions and remove the "heads" and "tails", no special effort or equipment is required. But at the same time we will get rid of very harmful impurities and protect ourselves and friends. And the concentration of "fusel oils" without selection can be in the tens (!) times exceed the allowable.

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