Vodka for colds, receptions: with pepper, honey, raspberries, garlic

About that, whether vodka cures colds, there are polar opposites. Given the existing number of different folk remedies for colds with vodka, can be assumed, that their use has a certain effect, otherwise these recipes would not exist. At the same time, there are quite a lot of negative reviews about the use of vodka-based products.

To understand, how effective vodka is against colds, it is necessary to study the principle of action of such a tool on the body, as well as to study the existing contraindications and compare different reviews.

How to use vodka for colds

Preferably the treatment of colds with vodka is to make on the basis of this drink a variety of means for ingestion, as well as the use of this drink as a means of rubbing and compresses. The warming effect of strong alcohol in combination with the ingredients used can significantly accelerate the onset of recovery.

As banal as it may sound, but try not to self-medicate and see a doctor immediately. After all, sometimes the symptoms of the common cold can hide quite serious diseases, alcohol intake is deadly.

Rubbing vodka for colds has a somewhat similar effect to the use of vinegar for this purpose. In the process of absorbing alcohol-containing fluid into the blood, the temperature decreases and the patient's well-being improves.

in addition, the issue should be considered separately, whether it is possible to drink vodka at a temperature.

Considering, that any type of alcohol causes an increase in the load on the cardiovascular system, at high temperatures, taking strong tinctures can have a critical negative effect. If the patient has a subfebrile temperature (37°-37,5°) use the following tools, and other folk potions are allowed.

If the temperature rises to a dangerous level - more than 39 ° - or a prolonged rise in temperature without the ability to bring it down, it may indicate the occurrence of serious inflammatory processes in the body, which can not cope with public funds.

Recipes with vodka for colds

The following recipes are a combination of ingredients, having a tonic effect, that in combination with alcohol, in small doses accelerates metabolism, allows you to bring recovery.

Vodka with pepper for colds

Vodka with pepper is one of the most famous folk remedies for colds and fever. When using it, it is desirable to know, how to drink vodka with pepper for colds. Considering, that drinking strong drinks puts a significant strain on the cardiovascular system, and the body in the complex, and the effectiveness of these tools only in a limited number of circumstances, such treatment requires a careful approach. In addition to dosing, it is desirable to know, with which pepper to drink vodka for colds.

Most often it is practiced to treat colds with vodka by adding ground black pepper to this drink.. Add a third of a teaspoon of ground black pepper to a medium glass of vodka. The popularity of this method is largely due to the availability of ingredients.

It is very important to follow the proportions of pepper in this recipe, as the use of excessive amounts instead of treating colds will burn the mucous membranes of the throat, esophagus and even stomach.

Vodka with red pepper for colds

In addition to the above option, this remedy uses hot red pepper. In this case, it is recommended to gently bite off half a pod of red pepper, to avoid seeds and requests a glass of vodka.

Vodka with honey for colds

The benefits of using vodka with honey, according to most reviews, significantly superior to the recipe with pepper. Due to the rich content of vitamins and nutrients in honey, its use for colds significantly helps the body fight disease and promotes rapid recovery.

To prepare such a tool you need to take 50 g honey (preferably lime), and 50 g vodka. The components are mixed and placed in a water bath, where they need to be heated, without bringing to a boil. After cooling the mixture to an acceptable temperature, it must be drunk.

Vodka with raspberries for colds

Raspberries have for many years been considered one of the most effective remedies for fever.

Tincture of this berry helps against colds. To prepare it, fill a three-liter jar with fresh washed raspberries by one third, add half a kilogram of sugar, then add one and a half liters of vodka, the remaining volume is topped up with chilled boiled water. The resulting mixture should be periodically shaken until the sugar dissolves, then put in a cool dark place for three weeks. Then the contents of the jars can be filtered and taken as a medicine 1-2 tablespoons, drinking hot tea.

Vodka with lemon for colds

Due to the large number of nutrients in this fruit, The effectiveness of treatment with vodka with lemon can be compared with the above recipes.

To cook, you need to mix 100 g vodka, juice of half a lemon and one tablespoon of honey. Thoroughly mixed in the specified proportions of the ingredients must be heated in a water bath to 40 °, then drink.

Vodka with salt for colds

It is worth noting, as for that, whether this tool helps, there are virtually no reviews in open sources. Mostly vodka with salt is taken from digestive disorders.

As a method of cooking is recommended on 100 g of vodka add one third of a teaspoon of well-purified and dried salt, stir to dissolve and drink. Considering, which in this case is not entirely clear therapeutic effect on the body, the decision to use this tool is made solely at personal discretion.

Vodka with egg for colds

If you have symptoms of a severe cold, it is recommended to mix four tablespoons of vodka, one raw chicken egg, one tablespoon of honey and add warm boiled water to obtain 150 g of the mixture. The resulting product is heated and drunk.

Vodka with sugar for colds

Burnt sugar must be used to prepare this remedy.

First, dilute two tablespoons of sugar until completely dissolved with a little boiled water. The resulting mixture is fried in a pan until a viscous dark mass. Burnt sugar is diluted 50 g of vodka and taken during the day as a cough medicine.

Tea with vodka for colds

As an aid in the treatment of colds, you can make tea with vodka and honey. To do this, add one tablespoon of vodka and the same amount of honey to a cup of hot tea, stir until the ingredients are completely dissolved and drink.

Frequently asked questions

Summing up the above information, we decided to list the most common questions on this topic along with the answers to them.

  • You can have vodka for a cold

Worth to know, that the desire to just drink vodka for a cold, especially in considerable quantities, can put a heavy strain on the heart, weaken the body and cause additional complications of the disease.

The use of funds on the basis of this drink should be carried out similarly to other drugs - in a strictly limited dosage and according to the established schedule.

  • Is it possible to cure a cold with vodka

In case of severe hypothermia, the use of the above funds is unacceptable, as their relatively low efficiency can allow the disease to develop to a dangerous stage.

The use of these tools will accelerate the onset of recovery in those cases, when even without the use of any medication a person will soon recover. In the absence of positive dynamics in the use of folk methods, it is necessary not to increase the dosage, and see a doctor.

So, answer to the question, whether it is possible to treat a cold with vodka, will depend on the specific circumstances.

  • Helps vodka with pepper for colds

According to available reviews, the positive effect of the use of vodka with pepper was observed only when used at the first signs of the disease. On the second and subsequent days, such a tool is actually ineffective.

  • How to treat a cold with vodka

The above remedies can not be considered the only necessary way to treat colds. In addition, you will need to use various local remedies - gargle, inhalations, etc..

Also, when using these compositions, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the proportions of cooking and not to exceed reasonable doses..

  • Which remedy for colds with vodka is most effective

According to available information, the most effective means include raspberries, honey and lemon.

  • Is it possible to drink vodka at room temperature

Considering, that alcohol puts a significant strain on the heart and other systems, at high temperatures, the use of the above means is unacceptable.

And in general, do not forget, which leads to excessive alcohol consumption. And you know what effective recipes for colds with vodka? Share with us and our readers your branded and effective recipes.

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