Characteristics of car alloy wheels - decryption of symbols

Wheel discs have many parameters - not only the diameter and number of holes for bolts. But mostly motorists pay attention to these two characteristics. When you choose a product, be sure to specify the required parameters of car wheels, provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

It is important to be aware, that any non-compliance with the factory requirements has a negative impact on the operation of the suspension. It, in turn, helps to accelerate the wear of the tire and various parts of the chassis. There is a possibility, that your wheel will come off while driving, which can lead to deplorable consequences. For this reason, the installation of such products must be accompanied by their further control during operation.

Example of decoding

Usually, the usual description of car wheels looks like this:


so, what do these letters and numbers mean?

Marking of wheel disks

  • 6,5 - the width of the disc rim fit, is indicated in inches. It is calculated as follows: 6,5*25,4= 165.1 mm. This value is directly related to the width of the tires. Each tire has a permissible disc width. This value of the component is known by calculations, based on the size of the tire. If the size of the two elements do not match, you will have problems with tire beading.
  • Letter J, as well as D, P, K, JJ and others, encrypts technical data on the edges of the car disc rim (its height, shape and structure). The most popular types of disc rims today are J (for a car with a single drive) and JJ (for all-wheel drive vehicles). Foreigners directly affect the installation of rubber and size, on which the tire is shifted in some situations.
  • Under the label 5/112 hidden properties of disk mounting to the hub. Number 5 If there is a number, how many holes for fastening bolts should be on the product, and the number 112 - the diameter of the circle, where the centers of these openings should be located. Sometimes component manufacturers apply this parameter separately and label it with the letters PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter.

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