Nutrition of crayfish: what crayfish used to eat in nature and what they are fed in captivity

In many countries (including in Russia) crayfish meat is considered a delicacy. People are happy to be supported by these delicacies. But there is such a category of people, who find crayfish not very attractive food. The reason for this "disgust" - a misconception about the diet of this arthropod.

Some believe, that these animals feed on rot and carrion. But this is completely untrue. In this article we will talk about that, what these arthropods eat.

What kind of animal is this??

Before we talk about it, what crayfish eat, it is worth getting acquainted with these arthropods of the water element. These animals belong to the invertebrates of crustaceans. There are many species, let's name just a few, the most common:

  • European;
  • Far Eastern;
  • Cuban;
  • florid;
  • marble;
  • Mexican dwarf, etc..

Cancers are widespread on all continents. Their habitat is freshwater rivers, lakes, ponds and other reservoirs. And in one place can live several species.

Outwardly, the cancer looks quite interesting. It has two departments: cephalothorax and abdomen. On the head are two pairs of tendrils and faceted eyes. And the chest has eight pairs of limbs, two of which are claws. In nature, you can find cancers of various colors from brown and green, to blue and red. During cooking, all pigments break down, only red remains.

Cancer meat is considered a delicacy for a reason. In addition to excellent taste, it has almost no fat, therefore has a low caloric content. In addition, meat contains many nutrients. There is also calcium, and iodine, and vitamin E., and almost all B vitamins.

What to eat?

Contrary to popular belief, that crayfish feed on rot, they are quite picky about food. So what do crayfish eat? If there are artificial synthetic and chemical additives in the food, then this arthropod will not touch it. In general, these inhabitants of reservoirs are quite sensitive to the cleanliness of the environment. In many cities, they "serve" on water utilities. Water entering them passes through aquariums with crayfish. Numerous sensors monitor their reaction. If the water contains harmful substances, then arthropods will immediately let you know about it.

Crustaceans themselves are omnivorous animals. In their diet there is food like animals, and plant origin. But the second type of food is the most common.

First of all, he will eat the best algae, coastal grasses and fallen leaves. If this food is not available, then a variety of water lilies will go, horsetail, sedge. Many fishermen noticed, that arthropods are happy to eat nettles.

But cancer will not pass by food of animal origin. He is happy to eat insect larvae and adults, mollusks, worms and tadpoles. Very rarely cancer can catch small fish.

If we talk about the decomposing remains of animals, then it is considered a compulsory measure. Cancer moves slowly and it is not always possible to catch "freshness". But the animal can eat only not too decomposed products of plant origin. If the dead fish rots for a long time, then the arthropod will just pass by.

But still plant foods are the basis of the diet. All kinds of algae, driving and aquatic plants, make up to 90% in food. Everything else is rarely eaten, if you can catch.

These animals are actively fed only in the warm season. With the onset of winter, they are forced to starve. But in summer the animal does not eat as often. Example, the male is once or twice a day. And the female eats only once every two or three days.

What is fed to crayfish when breeding in captivity?

Today, crayfish are often grown artificially. To do this, farms are created on the ponds, small lakes or using metal containers. Since the main purpose of such a business is to gain a large mass, then feeding arthropods food contains a lot of energy. Goes to the stern:

  • meat (in raw, boiled and any other kind);
  • bread;
  • cereals;
  • vegetables;
  • herbs (especially crayfish love nettles).

At the same time you need to give so much food, so that she eats it without leftovers. Otherwise, it will rot and the arthropods will simply die. Usually, the amount of food should not exceed 2-3 percent by weight of the animal.

Recently, many people have kept these animals in the house, in the aquarium. This raises the question: and what to feed? If the city has a pet store, then you can buy food there. Arthropod special mixtures contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for their health.

Well, if the food is difficult to get, or it's over, then you can feed pieces of chicken or other meat, algae, earthworms and all the same nettles. Since cancers are very sensitive to the cleanliness of the environment, must be monitored, so that leftover food is not in the aquarium for more than two days.

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