Running lights on the prior in regular places: features of lighting installation

Daylight function, which must be included on each car according to the new traffic regulations, can perform headlights, fog lights, dimensions, low beam, or special daytime running lights. The latter are installed from 2011 year on all models, produced in EU countries, but the bulk of the cars on our roads were released earlier and therefore need to take care of the installation of DRL. So, if your Lada Priora is not equipped with running lights, you need to eliminate this shortcoming, what you can do with your hands.

Prior daytime running lights Priora - economical and stylish

Special LED DRL

Special LED lights, designed for daytime traffic, - the best option for any car. If they are not installed by the manufacturer, можна купити і встановити самостійно. Advantages of such equipment:

  • High brightness LEDs with minimal power consumption.
  • Long service life - 50 thousands of hours, corresponding to the term in 6 years.
  • Extension of the service life of the energy supply system.
  • Automatically turn lights on and off.

Block headlight VAZ-2170 (Lada priora) disassembled

Installation of special running lights on the Prior

It is quite easy to install daytime running lights in regular places. This procedure takes a minimum of time and does not even require the involvement of highly qualified masters. Each DRL kit has detailed installation instructions and the necessary materials to perform it.

Installation process:

  1. Before installing daytime running lights on the Prior in regular places you need to carefully degrease the surface, removing any contaminants from it. Do not use solvents or similar agents with aggressive substances in the composition, enough detergent with a sponge.
  2. The tape is glued to the bracket after removing the protective film on one side. The other side of the tape is tightly pressed to the place of installation of headlights, due to which the bracket is fixed in it.
  3. The wires need to be pulled into the hole before, how the bracket will be installed, the lantern is not locked in a bracket (otherwise it will be difficult to get it back later).
  4. If there is no tape, mount the daytime running lights as follows: will have to drill holes in the bracket, which must correspond to the location of the mounting holes and fix the bracket on the screws.
  5. The headlights are fixed after that, how the power supply will be installed in the engine compartment. Fixation is carried out as follows: the lantern is inserted into the bracket and locked. Then the wires under the hood are stretched and fastened with screeds provided in the equipment kit.

LED car headlights
Headlight reflector VAZ-2170 (Lada priora) with built-in LED DRL

Control installation

  1. Installation of the control unit is performed in the engine compartment. It is best to mount the control unit in the battery, moving it as far away from the engine as possible. Excessive heat near the engine can lead to further problems in the operation of the running light system. The unit is securely protected by the housing from moisture or dirt, therefore there are no special restrictions on the choice of the place of its installation.
  2. The unit should be connected according to the usual scheme. The red wire is displayed on the "plus" terminal, on the terminal "minus" - black.
  3. The orange wire is designed to automatically turn off the running lights in low beam or switch the DRL to size mode. If you neglect the functions of the orange wire and do not connect it. Daytime running lights will continue to shine when the headlights are on, which can lead to blindness of drivers coming towards cars and is a violation of the rules. Orange wire is connected to the dimensions or headlights.
  4. The headlights are connected to the unit using a special connector, which completes the set first. The wires are inserted into the connector and pinched there. Start the engine and check, how the lights work - when you start the engine, they turn on automatically if installed correctly, when it stops - turn off.
  5. If the system has been tested, you can attach the control unit. After that, the lights themselves are fixed.

Connection of the DRL control unit on the Lada Priora according to GOST R 41.48-2004

Other solutions for daytime lights on Lada Priori

The installation of additional equipment is optional, and low beam can be used instead of DRL, position lights or connected fog lights prior. However, such solutions in practice are the most effective for increasing the distinctiveness of the car.

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