Do not freeze the refrigerator: causes of breakdowns, detailed instructions with photos

Sometimes there is an unpleasant situation with household refrigeration units - the freezer works, the refrigerator compartment is not cooled. It seems that the refrigerator did not break, but performs its functions poorly.

This situation is not only unpleasant for the owner, but can also be quite dangerous. If you let the situation drift, the refrigerator may break permanently, and the repair will cost a penny. And failure to comply with the temperature regime can not only lead to additional costs, but also seriously harm the health of household members. This is not to be expected. It is best to find a fault at the first sign, find out its cause and take appropriate measures.

How a household refrigerator works

Before you find out, why the refrigerator began to freeze badly, worth talking about, how the refrigerator is arranged and works. In principle, there is nothing complicated about it. The household refrigerator system includes 4 main node:

  • compressor;
  • capacitor;
  • evaporator;
  • connecting pipe system.

In a hermetically sealed system circulates a special gas - refrigerant. It has a low t?From evaporation and boiling. When the refrigerant expands, it absorbs heat, and when compressed returns it by condensation.

The refrigerant in home refrigerators is usually freon. It is completely harmless, non-combustible substance. Liquid refrigerant enters the capillary tubes under pressure, and then into the evaporator, where it begins to "absorb" heat. As a result, the surface of the refrigerator cools down. This process is repeated from the beginning until then, until the set temperature is set in the refrigerator. Then the temperature regulator will work, which opens the circuit and causes the compressor to stop. The temperature regulator is necessary for protection of the compressor against overloads and economy of electricity.

After a while, when t?C in the refrigerator will rise again, the circuit closes again and the cycle repeats again.

Primary diagnostics of the refrigerator

If you noticed, that the refrigerator does not freeze food or it is bad to do so, primarily, carry out visual diagnostics of the device. Sometimes the fault may not be related to a breakdown, and is a consequence of the inattention of the owners.

  • First, make sure, that the refrigerator costs exactly, there are no distortions and closing the door does not interfere.
  • Check it out, whether the refrigerator is connected to a separate outlet or it works through a tee or extension cord. Sometimes the reason, that the refrigerator stopped freezing normally, is, that there is no good contact between the plug and the socket.
  • Carefully inspect the button labeled "Defrost". In some models of refrigerators, the button may be accidentally pressed if the products are not placed correctly.
  • Inspect the thermostat. If the room is very hot, and the freezer runs at maximum, quite likely, that the refrigerator simply can not cope with such a load. This is especially true of refrigerators, have one compressor. In such units the refrigerating chamber works on the "residual principle". That is, first the set temperature is reached in the freezer and only then the refrigerating compartment begins to cool. What to do? To solve the problem, set the temperature in the freezer -10 — 12?WITH, and in the refrigerator compartment, move the thermostat knob to the middle position.
  • If you have a No Frost refrigerator, pay attention to the fan in the freezer. If it is frozen and not working, then the cold will stop coming into the refrigerator compartment. You do not need to disassemble the freezer for this, just listen carefully. If you do not hear a quiet even buzzing when the freezer door is open, defrost the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. This time is enough, that the ice melted completely and the situation returned to normal.