Sparkling wine at home: different drink recipes

Sparkling wine at home: different drink recipes

Nice sharp tingling of bubbles on the tongue, which is combined with a delicate taste, retains shades of summer sun and autumn harvest time - such a sweet sparkling wine. You can buy a bottle of fruit drink for that, to enjoy this unusual combination, and you can make sparkling wine at home, independently picking up his favorite berries. Anyone can handle this task, who has at least a basic idea of ​​making alcohol and is quite patient. The process will take longer, than a trip to the store, but the result, undoubtedly, it's worth it.

Artificially saturated drinks with carbon dioxide are called non-sparkling, but effervescent. Sparkling wines are filled with magical bubbles naturally during fermentation.

An easy way to make sparkling wine

This recipe is the easiest, but it allows you to achieve good results. Homemade sparkling wine will not be completely clean, however very tasty. To do this, you need to prepare the wort from those berries, which are most to taste - it can be a classic grape, and less traditional raw materials, such as chokeberry, apples (sparkling wine from them is called cider), gooseberry, cherry or plum. Red sparkling wine is prepared in the same way, as well as white. The process is underway, as always - every winemaker has his secrets and tricks, so there can be no universal advice. We have to wait for that moment, when active fermentation has stopped, but the process is not over.

And after that, as the wort almost fermented and began to shine, magic begins, thanks to which the non-carbonated drink turns into house sparkling wine.

The magic begins!

Not good-natured raw materials need to be bottled - well, if these are special champagne bottles, but simple dark glass containers are also suitable. Tightly seal them with plastic plugs and pull on top of rope or wire (otherwise the internal pressure will easily knock out the cork and the foamed liquid will simply spill out), put the bottles in a cool place. They should not touch the walls - for this we transfer the bottles with sawdust or wood shavings. The air temperature should not exceed 7-12 degrees.

Quiet fermentation lasts from two to four months. By the end of this time, the glass walls will be covered with a layer of sediment, so homemade sparkling wine should be cooled to about zero degrees before drinking, and, gently tapping, precipitate the suspension from the walls to the bottom. After a period of rest in a couple of days it will be ready: you can drink and enjoy.

The French way

Make sweet sparkling wine, purity and effervescence is not inferior to expensive champagne, can with French methodology. It will take more time and effort, but in the end the drink will be truly delicious and delicate, without turbid suspension, which many do not like.

For him we take fermented and already aged material of the middle fortress. Red wine comes from dark berries, white sparkling wine will come out of apples, gooseberries, white currants. Pour it into champagne bottles and start the process…


Unlike the previous recipe, French technique requires precision. On one bottle with a capacity of 1,25 liters required:

  • 12-15 grams of granulated sugar,
  • 1 teaspoon of dry yeast.

Yeast must be cold-resistant. After all, at low temperatures, the absorption of carbon dioxide by the liquid increases, and therefore, ferment sweet sparkling wine has in the cool, which is not tolerated by all yeast.

Making homemade wine

The cooking process itself is little different from that considered in a simpler version. In a bottle with raw sugar is added (or pre-prepared syrup), yeast, the containers are tightly closed and left to ferment in a cool dark place. After two or four months, you need to remove the sediment. This is done so: the bottles are turned upside down - the suspension settles. After that, it remains only to carefully drain the turbidity, and the wine shall be pure.

If you have a goal to make sweet sparkling wine, then you need to sweeten it with liqueur. For sweet the sugar content in it should be 65 percent, 60% liqueur is introduced into semi-sweet sparkling wines. A 50 percent solution is added to the dry wine. Vodka is also added to the sweetener in the calculation 50 ml per liter.

Fruit liqueurs and other beverages can also be used instead of liqueur, thanks to which it is possible to get an amazing bouquet in its richness and sophistication.

Of course, it is harder to make wine at home, than to buy ready-made. But the results of their work are always more pleasant and much more satisfying, than the factory product.

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