Induction heaters: structure and principle of operation, scheme of making your own hands

Induction heater can be installed in the apartment, this does not require any approvals and associated costs and hassles. The desire of the owner is enough. The connection project is required only theoretically. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of induction heaters, even despite the decent cost of electricity.

Induction heating method

Induction heating is heating by an alternating electromagnetic field of a conductor, placed in this field. Eddy currents appear in the conductor (Foucault currents), which heat it. In fact, it is a transformer, the primary winding is a coil, which is called an inductor, and the secondary winding is a tab or short-circuited winding. The heat is not supplied to the tab, and is generated in it by the most wandering currents. Everything, that surrounds it, remains cold, which is a definite advantage of devices of this kind.

The heat in the tab is distributed unevenly, but only in the surface layers and further by volume spreads due to the thermal conductivity of the tab material. Moreover, with increasing frequency of the alternating magnetic field, the depth of penetration decreases, and the intensity increases.

For inductor operation with higher frequency, than online (50 Hz), transistor or thyristor frequency converters are used. Thyristor converters allow you to get frequencies up to 8 KHz, transistor - up to 25kHz. Wiring diagrams can be found easily.

Planning to install heating systems in your own home or cottage, among other options on liquid or solid fuel, it is necessary to consider the option of using induction heating boiler. With such heating you will not be able to save on electricity, but no hazardous substances.