Instructions on how to properly turn on the gas column and use it

Instructions on how to properly turn on the gas column and use it

Interruptions with hot water supply deprive us of our usual comfort. That this did not happen, you can use additional features of hot water. One of the devices dedicated to this purpose is a gas column. If you learn to use it properly, the technique will be easy to operate. And one of the pressing issues: how to turn on the gas column?

Brief acquaintance with the device

One of the most common myths, which scares away potential buyers - such a technique is dangerous to use. However, this bias applies when using models of the old model. Today the units are advanced and safe, many of them (example, offers from Bosch) equipped with automatic protection, in which case the fuel supply is blocked in an emergency.

To know the rules of use, should be composed to represent its internal structure. Models of any firm include all following elements:

  • node with gas equipment;
  • water connection node;
  • exhaust system;
  • other mechanisms;
  • electrical appliances.

The case itself resembles a locker in appearance, which is connected to water and gas. The heating elements are located in its lower part and are represented by the main burner and igniter.

How to properly use a gas water heater? The operation of the device is carried out according to the following principle:

  • cold water under pressure enters the heat exchanger - it will automatically open the fuel valve;
  • the igniter ignites;
  • the gas will go to the main burner, where it is ignited by the igniter;
  • the heat will heat the water;
  • combustion products will escape through the system of chimneys and hoods.

How to ignite the device

Pipeline and water taps must be opened before starting work. There are three ways to ignite a gas water heater.


The manual method was used in models of the old model. In this case, you have to light with matches. Here it was necessary to perform a number of such previous manipulations:

  • open the water supply connected to the appliance;
  • open the main valve for fuel supply to the igniter;
  • light the wick with matches;
  • turn on the valve (basic) for gas supply.

The downside will be that, that you need to turn off the wick manually. It is necessary to master the above practical skills and not to allow children into the device.

By means of piezo ignition

We can say, that this column is a semi-automatic. How to use a gas column of this type? It will be enough to press the button, to ignite the wick in the combustion chamber. With the help of mechanical force, a spark is transformed - it turns out to be enough for that, to ignite the ignition filter. This method also requires a number of mandatory requirements:

  • to ignite the main burner, it will be necessary to include the main regulator in fuel supply;
  • the ignition filter will remain on when the controller returns to the home position and the water is switched off.

Such designs have a disadvantage - excessive fuel consumption. Vivid examples of such speakers are the Bosch WR models 10-2 P miniMAXX-2, Nevalux 5111, Junkers WR 10-2 PV and other options.


The possibility of automatic inclusion is provided by completely improved modifications, which are easy and safe to use even for beginners. The Hydropower system is offered by most modern manufacturers (Bosch, its direct competitor Electrolux and many others). The process of starting work is simplified to the limit.

  1. Example, в Bosch Therm 6000 O water pressure will activate the turbine. It launches an automatic ignition system inside the device like a wick, and the main burner.
  2. The Bosch manufacturer has Therm lines 2000 O і Therm 4000 THE, which carry out electric ignition from batteries (it will be necessary to monitor the resource of their work).
  3. Bosch AM1E series speakers already have a digital control panel, which will immediately show all possible inclusion errors.

A fully automated process has one drawback: in many homes low water pressure, and this may not be enough for the turbine to work properly. In addition, such devices are significantly more expensive than their less perfect counterparts.

Mandatory precautions

Instructions for proper operation of the gas column are attached to any purchased equipment. The principle of operation of most of them is identical to the above, but here the red line is mandatory safety.

  1. It is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning of a gas column, to avoid disrupting the effectiveness of its work (How to do it, you can read in the document that goes to the gas column - instructions).
  2. Current inspection of the condition of chimneys - this will help avoid clogging.
  3. If the appliance fails, contact the gas service immediately. Independent attempts to solve this problem are prohibited.

The inclusion of the unit is shown in more detail in the video:

Enough to understand once, how to light a device, to provide comfortable and instant heating of running water. And then you can just enjoy the work of this convenient heater.

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