Instructions for operation of gas boiler water heating Navien: main characteristics of the design

Navien is a large South Korean corporation, which produces universal, high-quality and reliable gas boilers. Navien devices are characterized by reliability, practicality and functionality. These appliances have an open or closed combustion chamber, their functional part is durable. At the same time their cost is lower, compared to European counterparts.

Navien presents a universal water heating system

Navien Ace gas boilers are not afraid of low gas and water pressure, they are not afraid of voltage drops in the network. The operation of Navien gas boilers is characterized by a long period of operation and economical gas consumption. All Navien gas appliances meet the standards and norms of the Russian Federation and have the appropriate certificates.

Stability of the frost protection system

If the room temperature drops, then the automatic protection system works from freezing. When the water temperature drops, the heating is higher 10 degrees Celsius, the circulating pump is started automatically, resulting in constant circulation of the coolant in the heating system. If the heating water temperature drops to 6 degrees Celsius, the burner is automatically switched on and the coolant is heated to 21 degrees Celsius.

Safety at frequent voltage drops in the network

According to the instructions, voltage can fluctuate within ± 30 percent, due to the operation of the processor protection chip Switched - Mode Power Supply (SMPS). With the operation of the boiler does not stop, which prolongs its period of operation and prevents breakage.

Operating conditions of heating and hot water:

  • under the condition of low inlet pressure in the gas pipeline system - stable and safe operation of the Navien Ace gas boiler is possible at a gas pressure of four mbar (40 millimeters of water column);
  • under the condition of low inlet water pressure in the water supply system - stable operation of the Navien Ace gas boiler is possible under the condition that the inlet water pressure drops to the value 0,3 requires, what allows you to use this gas device in homes, where the low water pressure in the water supply system, including, where frequent pressure drops in the water supply system.