Instructions for installing the towbar on the VAZ 2110 and 2112

If you treat those drivers, who have repeatedly thought about it, to expand the capabilities of your car to transport goods, buying a trailer would be a great solution for you. But before you think about buying it, you must first install the towbar on the VAZ 2110/2112. You can do it yourself, carefully understanding all the intricacies of the selection and direct installation of the traction device.

Types of towbars and their benefits

Conventionally, towbars are divided into several types:

  • model, which can be installed in the holes, provided by the manufacturer;
  • model, which is attached to the technological holes;
  • model, for installation of which it is necessary to drill openings independently.

see towbars

It's easy to guess, which is easiest on VAZ 2110/2112 the first model is installed. You only need to clean the holes from dirt, install the towbar and tighten the bolts. You should not save, deciding to make the device with their own hands. Buy a branded trailer, which is provided for your car. During his tenure, he will have time to pay off more than once.

If, according to the second technology, will attach the device to the process holes, which are already provided in the car, they will only need to be slightly reamed. This method of mounting the towbar is similar to the following, but he is less laborious.

After all, in the third case, you have to do all the markings and holes with your own hands. The towbar will serve as a template for you, focusing on which, you will be able to drill cracks, do their stripping and install the structure.

Buyers of quality models, instructions will be attached to it. Focusing on it, installation will be easy.

installation work

You can install on VAZ without removing the bumper. But then you will need to drill cracks in the floor, to bring out the wires. But this can be avoided, simply by removing the bumper from the car.

Towbar on Largus with his own hands: drawings and dimensions

After that you can start drilling holes:

  1. Make two holes for the brackets with your hands, treat them with anticorrosive;
  2. Install the towbar, fixing it with bolts and nuts;
  3. Drill four more holes: two - in the lower part of the spar and two more - in the trunk;
  4. Attach the device to them using special nuts.