Car glass tinting tool

Car tinting is one of the most popular types of car tuning. If earlier only foreign cars were covered with a protective film, it is now difficult to find a car on the roads without tinting. This method not only protects your privacy from prying eyes, but also makes the trip in the car more comfortable. Of course, we must not forget about security. Having made such tuning, you will protect the car windows from shocks. The point is, that glass, covered with film, withstand the blows of stones, that flew out from under the wheels of cars, hooligans. Shards of glass do not break or shatter, and remain non-adhesive basis of the protective film, as a result, passengers receive less damage.

What you need for toning

In order for the car to become attractive and protected after toning, you need to choose the right film and tools. Most motorists use one of three types of films:

  • Athermal film. It does not darken the windows, but reliably protects the car from the sun, thereby reducing the heating of the machine. exept this, the material protects the glass from scratches and provides good sound insulation of the car;
  • Metallized film. The material is made by spraying and increases the strength of glass. You can choose a film with a mirror or corrugation effect;
  • Painted film. It has a ceramic coating, making it less prone to deformation and fading. The toning film contains a pigment, which impairs visibility in the dark.

Types of toning films

List of toning tools

If you choose the highest quality film, but don't pay proper attention to finding toning tools, then the work will not bring any results. Buying a set, make sure, that every tool is handy, ergonomic and productive:

  • Knives. Some car owners use that knife, which is sold together with the toning film. Usually, manufacturers put a small knife in the set, which is easily blunted after that, as the driver cuts the edge of the first tinted glass. Because of this, it is much better to buy a professional knife, equipped with replaceable blades. Remember, that the quality of the knife is of great importance for the careful trimming of the edges of tinted glass. Using a blunt knife, you will easily break the material, nullifying all efforts;
  • Distillation. Using this toning tool, you gently smooth the film placed on the glass. There are several types of distillates of different sizes and shapes, designed for various jobs. Example, sharp-angled tools are used for high-quality processing of edges of the toned area of ​​glasses. Besides, there are several materials, from which distillations are created: plastic, povst, rubber, silicon. The quality of work depends on the material of the tool. Remember, that you can not use distillation, if there are scratches and burrs on the working part. Manufacturers produce tools in the form of triangles, cones and rectangles;

How to choose a putty