How to turn on a compatible TV without a remote control, Phillips, lg

The remote control was designed specifically for this purpose, to make life easier for the average user. After all, with its advent it has become much easier to control the TV or other modern devices. But there are quite unpleasant situations, when the remote is lost, the batteries run out or worse - it breaks. Of course, remote control repair is inevitable. But how to be, while the remote control is under repair, how to now switch between favorite programs? Some users have a logical question: how to turn on the TV without a working remote control? Don't panic, any problem has a solution.

TV navigation

The first TVs with a remote control had a large button control panel, on which flaunted buttons to turn on, switching and settings. Very often one big one stood out among them, which was responsible for turning the TV on and off, as well as switching between channels. Gradually, this navigation became smaller, the manufacturer made the panel smaller and smaller. When developing new models of TVs, designers tried to get rid of button navigation, constantly reducing it and even removing it to the back panel.

Each device always has a manual control, just need to look for it. In operating documents, which are included, be sure to describe the panel and the purpose of each element. Even the most modern TV, thanks to button navigation, you can not only turn on the device, switch channels, but also to adjust the sound, brightness and even hold the TV unlock.

Designation of basic elements

Each button, even on the smallest panel, has a certain functionality, and signed with a word or symbol.

  1. The item labeled "Menu" is most often used to turn the device on and off, and also allows you to readjust the image without the remote control.
  2. "Ok" button - used to confirm the selected settings or actions.
  3. Items labeled "" and "" are intended for channel travel. After pressing "Menu", they are used to move between setting options.
  4. You can adjust the volume with the "+" or "-" buttons, and after "Menu" decrease or increase the values ​​of the selected settings.
  5. The "AV" button is used to select a special mode, allowing you to use a DVD player or VCR. In some models it may be missing, but when you turn on such devices, the mode is activated itself.

The set of buttons may differ for different brands. Example, modern representatives of the Philips brand have buttons on the back panel on the side. And for Samsung devices, the button panel is most often implemented in the form of a joystick, which performs the basic functions of management.

Samsung UE65HU9000TXRU LCD TV, joystick button

Use of developments for mobile devices

Today, for modern models, you can use a mobile device as a remote control. To do this, you will need to install a special program on your smartphone, which will match the TV model. The following requirements apply to the TV:

  • the presence of an Etnernet port (RG-45);
  • module for Wi-Fi connection;
  • SmartTV or InternetTV function;
  • Remote control functions.

You need to connect both devices to one network. For a TV, this may be a wired LAN connection, and for a smartphone connection using Wi-Fi. Appropriate software is installed on the mobile gadget, and the "Remote Control" function is activated on the TV - after that you can control the TV from your smartphone.

There should be no problems with software search, as the Google Play range offers a wide range of applications for all models. For each brand, for example LG or Samsung, your app.

The smartphone can be easily replaced for a while, example, for the period of repair, remote control for TV. If the remote control is not repairable, then you should choose a new remote control, maybe even universal. And you can use a smartphone in this capacity constantly, because a Wi-Fi connection gives you more options: now the walls of the rooms are not an obstacle.