How often you need to defrost the refrigerator: ordinary and with no frost

How often you need to defrost the refrigerator: ordinary and with no frost

Is it possible to defrost the refrigerator with a hair dryer? The answer is yes. The warm air stream accelerates the process of melting ice. The question is, how often you need to defrost the refrigerator, still relevant. Competent defrosting is a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation of the most necessary household appliances.

defrosting systems

Modern refrigerators are equipped with a self-defrost system. Defrosting can be:

  • air;
  • drip;
  • air-drop, that is, combined.

Refrigerators of the latest models, usually, equipped with No Frost system, which is often called summed evaporator. Remember, that no frost system can be installed ??only in the refrigerator. In this case, be sure to defrost the freezer periodically.

Refrigerators with automatic defrosting system should be defrosted periodically. When the device is running, condensate gradually accumulates in the internal operating systems of the device. As a result, the refrigerator needs more electricity to function properly. The cost of paying for electricity is growing significantly.

Accumulated moisture as a result can lead not only to serious damage, but also to the complete destruction of internal parts.

The growth rate of ice

Defrosting the refrigerator is done to remove ice, which is formed on the body of the evaporator during operation. The rate of formation and growth of such a "coat" is determined by the following parameters:

  • device model;
  • the presence of no frost system;
  • degree of filling of refrigerating chambers;
  • the number of opening and closing doors during the day;
  • average humidity level in the room, where the refrigerator is;
  • service life of the unit and its technical age.

The temperature in the room strongly influences formation of an ice plaque, where the refrigerator is installed. In the warm season, the water inside evaporates intensely, so the fields grow faster, than in winter, when the air temperature is lower.

frequency of thawing

How often should the refrigerator be defrosted, directly depends on the defrost system installed in it. Refrigerators with drip and air-drip automatic defrost system must be defrosted manually every 3 or 4 months.

Air defrosting - No Frost system, which provides automatic defrosting of ice and removal of moisture by special fans ??construction, operating during the operation of the refrigerator. But, every six months the appliance must be disconnected from the mains and the unit must be defrosted.

Manufacturers usually indicate in the technical data sheet of the device, whether to defrost the refrigerator, and how often to do it. Defrost mode is determined, based on average data. It is necessary to be guided by thickness of the formed ice. If the next thawing period has not yet come, and the crust of ice is already thick, it is better to defrost the refrigerator, without waiting for the specified term.

How dangerous the fields

Why do you need to defrost the refrigerator? A thick layer of ice in the freezer creates inconvenience during operation. Products freeze, they become difficult to remove. The volume of the freezer is significantly reduced.

The freezer door closes loosely, the temperature in the refrigerator rises. Food spoils quickly. There is an unpleasant odor inside the camera, which absorbs fresh food.

Thick ice crust creates a risk of breakage, heat transfer is disturbed, the refrigerator goes astray from the set operating mode. Under the weight of ice over time, some components of the refrigerator become unusable. Worth to know, why defrost the refrigerator, to increase its service life.

thawing manually

The device must be disconnected from the mains before defrosting, removing the plug from the socket. Buttons and controls, located inside the refrigerator, it is better not to use. In the process of thawing, water is formed, which conducts electricity well. In some parts of the internal wiring voltage remains in the mains. The risk of electric shock during thawing and washing the refrigerator increases.

After disconnecting from the mains, the products must be removed. Then remove the removable parts of the refrigerator. In extreme heat, it is better to turn off the refrigerator in the evening, when the air temperature drops.

The refrigerator evaporator is equipped with small fragile parts, which are easily damaged by mechanical impact. Cutlery should not be used, to remove thawed fields from the walls of the freezer. Better wait, until the ice melts, and gently wipe the resulting water with a dry soft cloth.

You can put small pots of hot water in the refrigerator to speed up thawing.

You need to lay a kitchen towel under the pan. When the ice melts completely, the formed moisture is removed with soft napkins. Then you need to carefully collect water from the floor.

All removable parts are pallets, baths, regiments, etc.. P., You need to rinse under running water and dry thoroughly. The inner surface of the refrigerator should be washed with warm water with baking soda and wiped dry. Then install all removable items.

Before the next loading and freezing of products, it is desirable to leave the refrigerator on about 90 — 120 minutes with the door open, then turn it on and let it idle. When the required temperature is set in the chamber, you can download products.

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