How and with what oil you can lubricate the hair clipper

How and with what oil you can lubricate the hair clipper

Hair clipper has become an everyday thing not only in barbershops, but also in many homes due to the ease of handling it. It is used for cutting family and friends. The more often this happens, the more careful the care of the device should be. Experienced users are well acquainted with its various nuances - they know, When, what and how to properly lubricate the tool used. But beginners may have some difficulties. But they can be easily eliminated, understanding the issue.

Why do you need to lubricate the machine

The working part of the machine consists of 2 knives (cutting surfaces): static and dynamic. In different models of the tool they can be arranged and look differently. An obligatory element of any device of this type is a vibrating electric motor.

The technique for cutting animals and people is different, due to the different stiffness of hair and wool, as well as a large amount of cover.

The hair clipper should be lubricated regularly. This should be done, to achieve the following positive effects:

  • reduce friction between the blades during tool operation, which will reduce their heating;
  • clean the working unit from dirt;
  • reduce the rate of blunting of the cutting parts;
  • extend the service life of the device.

As a result, after lubrication, the haircut will take place without jerks, softer.

The ideal option, on the recommendations of experts, when the oil is applied to the hair-free working area of ​​the appliance after each haircut, maximum two. The frequency also depends on the price (and, in accordance, quality) used typewriter. The device of expensive models is more complicated, than cheap varieties, they have to be lubricated less often, but they need to be cared for more carefully.

Before use, any machine must be lubricated. Proper care, as well as the use of the device in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions - this is a guarantee of long service life of the tool.

Suitable lubricants

If you choose, what oil to lubricate the machine, then priority should be given to specialized products. Manufacturers often provide it with the device. This oil is made from refined oil. It is an odorless fatty liquid, which differs from the machine counterpart. In fact, such products are also a lubricant, and a tool for cleaning and caring for knives.

Oil from the MOSER company is popular, which also produces cars. Not far behind him "Oster", Ew Dewal.

In practice, hairdressers also use mineral or synthetic oils, having a low viscosity. Such materials are affordable and penetrate well into the lubrication channels. Silicone grease (example, Silicon-electric OIL), designed for electrical products, can also be used quite effectively.

Lubrication with vegetable oil is strictly prohibited. At best, the machine will jam, and at worst - need to buy a new one. It is safer to work "dry". At home, when there are no lubricants at hand, it is permissible to use Vaseline or baby oil, example, Johnson Baby.

Tool lubrication algorithm

To lubricate the device yourself, will need to go through a number of simple stages. You will need an oiler or a syringe with a needle to apply the oil. The algorithm of actions at work is the following:

  • with the help of a brush clean the blades of the working tool from the hair, left on them after trimming;
  • wipe the knives, using soft damp cloths or rags;
  • according to the instructions for the device, apply a little oil to the appropriate points (a couple of drops will be enough);

  • so that the lubricating material is distributed in an even layer on the surface of the knives, include a typewriter;
  • wipe the surface of the tool, to remove excess oil.

It is necessary to clean the machine from hair carefully, because, mixed with oil, they will speed up the failure of the device. It is recommended to apply oil in three places: on the edges and in the center.

According to this scheme, models of Scarlett machines are lubricated, Vitek, Philips and others. The only difference is the method of removing the blades. Also, some products have special holes for lubrication, it is not necessary to disassemble them.

Applying oil directly to the comb is a mistake, because the remaining small particles of hair quickly blunted the cutting edge of the tool.

The whole process of lubricating the clipper is shown on the example of the Moser model 1400 on video:

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