How to glue bamboo wallpaper - a master class

Natural and fashionable finishing material, bamboo wallpaper, looks organic in any interior - in the country, kitchen or living room. The material does not attract dust, it is easy to look after - processing by a special varnish allows to wash the soiled places with a wet rag with use of non-abrasive detergents..

It is not difficult to glue bamboo wallpaper yourself. It is necessary to stock up on everything you need and strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Materials, required for bamboo wallpaper stickers

Heavy bamboo wallpaper without much physical effort glued to "Lacrysil" (mounting glue).

Glue for gluing bamboo wallpaper.

Calculating the pasted area, you need to buy the required number of cans.

That wall-paper had a natural look and did not change the shade, after the sticker bamboo is covered with a special varnish. It does not shine and it is almost invisible on the wallpaper, but the formed protective film prevents contamination and fading of the bamboo layer.

Varnish to protect bamboo from fading.

These are the main specific materials for bamboo wallpaper stickers.

In addition, you will need the usual tools:

  • jigsaw;
  • sharp knife;
  • level;
  • roller and plastic spatula for stickers of ordinary wallpaper;
  • brush.

To prepare the walls need putty and primer (impregnation).

Bamboo wallpaper can be placed on the wall as horizontally, and vertically. It all depends on the chosen design and financial component.

The sequence of gluing bamboo wallpaper

Walls (in the example of the kitchen wall area) to clean, to fill cracks, align if necessary, to process a first coat. Draw a horizontal line, which corresponds to the estimated height of the wallpaper.

Wall, prepared for gluing bamboo wallpaper.

Mark bamboo wallpaper. If they are less than the required height, можна доточити їх відрізаною смужкою бамбука до потрібного розміру

We mark the wallpaper.

Vertically, the wallpaper is cut with a knife between bamboo sticks directly on the fabric base, horizontal cut is made with a jigsaw with a sharp fine saw.

Section of the wall with a block of sockets.

For, to "bypass" the socket unit, the wallpaper is marked and a hole is cut under them.

Cutting bamboo with a jigsaw.

Marking should be done, focusing on fixed edges - the angle of the wall, reflected horizon line on the wall.

The edges are cleaned with a sharp knife from protruding threads.

Mounting glue is applied to the wall, but only for a small area, about half a meter.

Applying glue with a notched trowel.

Wallpaper is rolled up and pasted on the smeared part of the wall, focusing on the upper reflected horizon line.

Bamboo gluing.

Then cover the wall again with Lacrisil, glue bamboo, etc.. d.

Carefully press the bamboo against the wall with a roller.

Near the next obstacles (pipes or window sills) mark again and crop the wallpaper.

"Bypass" bamboo pipes.

After waiting for the time indicated on the package, you can start to cover the bamboo with varnish. Cover the wallpaper with a soft brush 2 times.

Applying varnish on bamboo.

After the varnish dries, you can glue paper wallpaper on the lap of bamboo.

Gluing paper wallpaper.

Use a long spatula and a sharp knife to level the paper wallpaper.

Cut paper wallpaper at the junction with bamboo.

The result is a smooth joint.

Here so step by step it is possible to glue bamboo wall-paper. As a result, the natural material fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen.

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