How to use a bread machine: basic rules of good baking

Baking delicious and healthy bread at home has recently become very popular. The modern bread machine does the whole cycle from kneading to baking in automatic mode. That the result of work of equipment was justified, and the pastries rose well and baked, it is necessary to observe all parameters of a cycle at start. so, how to use a bread machine to bake quality homemade bread?

Basic rules of baking

A good multifunctional bread machine will not be enough for beautiful and fragrant baking. Particular attention should be paid to the preparatory stage of the furnace to work, sequence and quality of ingredients used. The main recommendations for the proper operation of equipment are the following factors.

  1. Proper placement of the bread machine. It should not stand on or near working burners - the outside temperature affects the quality of the bread. Example, it can rise badly, if the oven is in a cool place and vice versa, climb too high, when the room is hot.
  2. Form, in which the ingredients fall asleep, should be free of pre-baking residue. It is necessary to check, and if necessary, remove all crumbs.
  3. Ingredients fall asleep at room temperature, unless otherwise provided by prescription.
  4. Adhere to dosage and priority, specified in the recipe. For these purposes, any bread machine is equipped with a measuring cup and spoon. An important point is the addition of yeast: they should not come into contact with liquid ingredients immediately upon loading. Mixing should take place evenly during mixing.
  5. It is possible to include the bread machine in a network and to establish a mode only after that, as laid down for mixing all products.
  6. You can control the process of baking bread only at the stage of kneading the dough. In the moment, when the technique mixes the ingredients, you can open the lid and see if the dough is of sufficient consistency. If necessary, add flour or water.
  7. The stove warns about the end of the process with an audible signal: you can take mittens and take out a hot form with bread. If the bread sticks a little to the walls, then it should, turning the form, tap with a spatula on the bottom.
  8. It is possible to start the bread machine for a new baking cycle only after complete cooling, as this will affect the speed of preparation of the dough for baking.

Baking problems and their solutions

Recipes acquired, which are added to the bread machine, not always perfect. Sometimes baking may not work if you change some ingredients or do not follow the proportions.

When choosing a shape, be sure to consider it, on which the weight of the bread is calculated recipe.

What problems can occur when baking homemade bread? Let's look at the most common mistakes and tips for fixing them.

A common problem: bread does not rise. In this case, there may be many reasons:

  1. Yeast is the main stimulant of test growth. It is important to follow, to keep them fresh.
  2. Fast baking mode was launched, and time was not enough, to make the dough fit well.
  3. While loading the ingredients, the salt combined with the yeast, which weakened their effect.
  4. Flour should be enriched with oxygen. It is mandatory to sift and use only quality product.
  5. No sugar in the recipe, which activates yeast.

And if the bread rose and fell, this may indicate the following:

  1. The bread machine stands for.
  2. The dough has risen a lot due to the large amount of yeast. It is rational to use a faster baking mode next time using the same recipe.
  3. The dough is very thin. You can adjust the consistency of the flour.
  4. Lack of salt.

Severely burnt crust is formed with excess sugar. The process of browning can be adjusted with the mode "Weak crust" and "Sweet bread". If too hard or even rubber crust is formed, you can add a little more oil to the recipe or replace some water with milk.

Bread is not completely baked? This problem can have several sources:

  1. The volume of the dough does not correspond to the baking dish.
  2. The multi-component in the recipe can make the dough very greasy. This usually happens in the presence of such ingredients, like cream, butter, nuts.
  3. The lid could be tightly closed, or the bread machine stood in a cold room. If it is impossible to heat the room additionally, it is necessary to choose a longer baking program to follow the recipe.

It happens like this, what candied, raisins and walnuts are unevenly distributed in the dough or have too large pieces. This process must be controlled and additional ingredients added in time. If you do it in advance, they have time to grind, and adding at the last minute will not allow to mix well with the test.

If the bread is too dry, this may indicate a violation of baking technology. The roll dries faster with prolonged cooling and lack of fat.

Bread machine - a very convenient and easy to maintain technique. The ideal result of baking is achieved during its operation in compliance with certain rules. Properly set parameters and a good recipe will allow the baker to bake delicious crispy bread.