How to use a hair clipper with replaceable attachments at home: haircut technique

Many people today prefer to use their own hair clippers and haircuts. The popularity of typewriters is easy to explain, after all, its purchase and maintenance are much cheaper, than constant visits to the hairdressing salon. Besides, having mastered the skill of using this device, many just don't want to trust their looks to strangers and, Moreover, pay money for it. Using a typewriter at home is quite simple, it is enough to follow some rules and be a little patient. With the advent of experience, working with a hair clipper will not take much time and will leave only positive impressions. Let's understand, how to use a hair clipper, and which attachments are best to choose.

machine device

The device of the machine is quite simple and has not changed for decades. Essentially, current models of devices are little different from their predecessors twenty years ago.

One of the first hair clippers

There are several types of hair clippers, into which it is customary to divide these devices in a professional environment. Here is their list:

  • vibrating machine;

  • rotary typewriter;

  • battery typewriter.

At the heart of each of them is a motor, which provides rotation (or vibration) knives, shave hair from head and face. Blades remain an important factor in the operation of the machine, having a special coating. Most often they are titanium or diamond. The best option for the blades is a high-quality stainless steel alloy. Such knives do not pull the hair, cut them carefully, in addition, blunt much more slowly, than their counterparts.

Some models have a more powerful motor and are designed for any thickness of hair, others are designed exclusively for trimming and giving the hair a neat shape.

Haircut is due to the rotation or vibration of the knives (climbed) in all types of machines. The intensity of vibration and speed of rotation depends on the power of the motor. The more powerful it is, the more features in the device. Not every machine is able to cope with thick hair, Moreover, if the hair is very stiff and dense. In such cases, power will play a crucial role. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a hair clipper at home, based on that, how it will be applied.

In addition to power, the device of devices differs in a way of food. Most models come with a power cord 220 V, but there are some representatives of battery and hybrid machines, which are able to work autonomously. Truth, such models require constant recharging and can be discharged at the most inopportune moment. But the wireless machine provides more comfortable operation.

so, each machine consists of the following elements:

  • motor;
  • battery (battery, cord);
  • blades (knives);
  • nozzles.

The latter should be discussed in more detail, because this type of accessory is an additional opportunity to expand the basic functions of the device.

A brief overview of the nozzles

Nozzles have a fairly simple design, which provides both easy and quick replacement, when the need arises. Accessories are divided into the following types.

  1. Nozzle for adjustment of level of a cut. This type is most in demand as specialists, and in those, who prefers to cut their own hair at home. The nozzle allows to expose necessary length with a step from 3 up to 20 mm. There are models, allowing to expose a step from one millimeter to 25 mm. Running forward, we can say, that for everyday household haircuts will be enough to limit the purchase of a pair of the most common attachments, without resorting to professional level accessories.
  2. Nozzle, allowing you to make patterns. Such nozzles will be especially relevant for fans of short haircuts with some patterns. Short hair tends to grow back quite quickly, hiding patterns, decorating heads. These nozzles are intended for updating of drawing.
  3. Thinning nozzle. Another attachment for short hair. It is used to give the haircut a neat and finished look, and is final in the haircut process, as it has very small gaps. By means of a thinning nozzle it is easy to work with transition (hair of different sizes) giving it a smoother outline.
  4. Nozzles for trimming mustaches and beards. Here everything is quite simple. This nozzle is a godsend for everyone, who likes to wear a mustache and beard. The effect is achieved through knives, which in this type of nozzles are several already, and the teeth of the cutting edge are slightly smaller than usual. This is very convenient in the case, when you need to straighten stiff and softer beard and mustache hair. This type of nozzles is present in the devices, brought to a separate class (trimmers), but is also found in many hair clippers.
  5. Cone-shaped nozzle. A very convenient invention for trimming the ear canal and trimming the hair in the nose. It is easy and convenient to use such nozzles, the alignment itself takes only a few minutes.
  6. Polishing nozzle. Designed specifically for hair, cutting. It is important to remember, that the nozzle has only a temporary effect and does not replace a full-fledged therapy, in which cut hair is needed (vitaminization, air conditioning, etc.).

Most hair clippers come with replaceable attachments. Truth, in the case of budget models, their choice can be very limited (one, at best 2-3 nozzles). Accessories can be purchased in a set, but do not forget, that most often at home the user rarely needs more than two or three species. Before considering purchasing an additional set, you need to be clear about your needs. Otherwise, buying a complete set of 5-7 types of nozzles, there is a risk, that most of them will lie idle. Besides, such kits are often quite expensive.

The best option is to purchase a nozzle as needed.

Nozzles may differ in quality and material, of which they are made. There are options for metal, plastic and even silicone. Plastic is ubiquitous and inexpensive. Metal is the strongest and most durable, prices for such nozzles are average. Silicone is a new invention in the hairdressing market, therefore cost the most. Their touch is pleasant for the scalp, it is convenient to operate such accessories.

When buying nozzles it is important to study, which models of machines they are suitable for, because there is no single universal standard for all models. There are a number of manufacturers, which produce unified nozzles for several brands, but in each case it is important to study the specification and model, under which they are intended. "Unified" nozzles, which fit several models at once, are equipped with a spring in the basis of fastening, which allows you to use them in several models.