How to set up digital channels on a Samsung TV

Modern high-quality digital television has entered our lives - now almost every home has the latest TV, many are equipped with Smart features. However, smart technology requires certain skills in handling: it is difficult to understand its parameters. Users often ask questions: how to set up channels on Samsung TV - the most popular brand of the Korean concern.

Auto tuning

Digital channels are set up independently or by a service technician at the first connection. Such actions are performed similarly on Samsung TVs of different models, and do not take much time: even an inexperienced user will spend no more on it 10 minutes. Proper tuning of channels on the TV allows you to watch images with excellent quality.

You can set up your Samsung TV automatically or manually, what generation of TV is in your home. On modern models, broadcasting is organized using a special tuner, it easily connects to the antenna jack and helps set up digital TV (read more about connecting a digital set-top box). So, devices, equipped with Smart TV function, able to do auto-tuning. To do this, follow these steps:

  • select "broadcast" in the menu;
  • double-click on "auto-tuning" in the windows that open;
  • after pressing the start button, select the search mode - full and start the scan mode.

At this stage, setting up digital TV can be considered complete, now the TV will search for available channels, and keeps them in mind.

Warning! If you have lost channels, then you need to adjust the frequencies with a special CAM module, which is activated in the TV menu.

After completing all the settings of digital television, visually check the quality of the transmitted signal. If for some reason the TV channel is not activated - go through all the points again.

Algorithm for manual channel tuning

How to set up digital TV on older models? To perform the operation manually, on the remote control, press the Menu button - then you need to configure, strictly adhering to the order of all points of the instruction.

  1. Choose "Channel" -> Antenna point, which we change to Cable.
  2. In the submenu "Country" the system will ask you to enter a PIN code - enter four digits 0. If there is a list - we put Russia, neither others nor Eastern Europe.
  3. Next, go to the cable settings section, if it is not in the main menu, then you need to look in auto-settings - some Samsung models have been configured by developers in this way.
  4. Open the above section, insert parameters: start - 298000 KHz, end - 362000 KHz, and the rest are already inserted there.
  5. Open auto-settings: if only digital TV is used, then enter the digital, you can set analog channels or digital + analog -> click on.
  6. Search mode opens - write network -> search. When the automation finishes its actions, then all tuned channels will appear -> embossed OK button.
  7. After searching, all channels are saved in automatic mode, owned by cable TV, but the system will show only those, which you have chosen.
  8. It is very convenient to delete extra channels: open Channels -> dispatcher -> choose unnecessary or several at once with the yellow button on the remote control -> Tools on the remote or delete on the TV screen.

Channels will be deleted after required confirmation.

On smart TV deletions are performed as follows: on the remote control, find the key labeled Smart Hub, which means the system hub, click it, and a list of channels appears on the screen. Find the editing section at the top right and follow all the prompts.

We have tried to tell you in some detail, how to tune digital channels on different samsung tvs. If the image quality is mediocre - check the correct connection of the cable from the antenna or its integrity, this will help improve the TV signal. You can also try to choose another antenna. For clarity, here is a video, how to set up digital tv: