How to set up a gas column

The need to install a speaker can arise for many reasons. However, every owner of the device faces a typical problem: incorrect setting of the gas column during the connection stage leads to incorrect operation. As a result, the expected results are not justified, and continued use of the device will cause malfunctions. Manufacturers of household appliances are trying to circumvent this problem, providing an automatic adjustment system. The obvious decision had no effect: not every buyer is willing to overpay for complex equipment with an unclear principle of operation. Many people prefer to spend some time on it, to find out, how to set up a gas column yourself.

Preparation for setting up the water heater

Adjusting the gas column does not take much time, but requires careful approach and attention. The painstaking process can cause a lot of questions for an unprepared person. Before, how to adjust the appliance, you need to block the flow of water to a minimum, after all such indicators are provided by the operation manual. Ignoring these prescriptions leads to that, that all subsequent settings will not be accepted by the system or will lead to far from the expected result.

In most cases, the required cost is equal to eight, ten or twelve liters, but there are some deviations, as in the direction of increase, and reduction.

It is important to consider, that to adjust a gas column to exact values ​​it is possible only at use of one mixer with hot water.

Following the described procedure, close the feed tap and proceed to the next step. As for the liquid, it is necessary to set the minimum value of gas. These installations are necessary for bringing the water heater to the nominal values ​​prescribed for it.

In this step, it is recommended to connect the necessary electronic equipment for the gas column. Contrary to expectations, this is one of the simplest operations. It includes:

  • connection of several wires;
  • installation of batteries or consumable batteries, used for fuel combustion.

New models can be equipped with sophisticated equipment with screens and sensors. This system performs all the settings itself and does not require user intervention.

Start the device and adjust the temperature

Having prepared the equipment properly, you can run for the first time. First of all, it is necessary to open the tap with hot water, and investigate its initial temperature. The obtained values ​​must exceed the input value by twenty-four to twenty-six degrees.

If the liquid heats up for too long, or the heating does not reach the required temperature at all - adjust the throttle handle, brought her to a satisfactory condition.

In some systems, the handle is replaced by a toggle switch, it must also be brought to a certain position to obtain the desired result.

The same results can be achieved by adjusting the volume of water supply. The higher the level, the colder the liquid, and vice versa. This is due to the elementary law of physics - the greater the water flow, the slower it heats up. Relying on this method, must be taken into account, that water temperature, stagnant may differ from expected, as the liquid has time to warm up.

subtleties of settings

Remember when setting up a gas water heater, that the liquid cannot reach a comfortable temperature instantly. Do not try to make all the settings for a few minutes - it will take a long time. After each stage you will have to start all over again, namely to drain the waste water, and allow to warm or cool fresh. In general, such manipulations can last for half an hour, and sometimes longer. It will take many times less time for an experienced professional.

When setting up equipment from different companies, example, Neva gas column, you may face two difficulties:

  • fluid pressure;
  • low water pressure, which does not cause a reaction of the device;

Pressure problems

Pressure fluctuations can be triggered by a variety of conditions. Faced with something like that, no need to panic, the situation is easily solved by replacing the worn valve or purchasing a special pressure regulator. This malfunction can cause serious damage and accelerate equipment wear.

Replacement of the membrane in the gas column

bad pressure

To eliminate the problem it is enough to replace the perforated membrane. In general, this breakdown does not cause problems, but, if the owner needs a lot of hot water, example, for washing dishes, the column may not cope with the heating of a large stream.

Self-tuning the heater can take a long time, and the result may not always be satisfactory. It is best to entrust this procedure to a professional.