How to sharpen knives on a hair clipper, dogs and sheep with various devices

Knives blunt with constant use. This usually happens unexpectedly: the day before the device was cut normally, and suddenly at the next attempt to straighten hair it starts to cut badly. The easiest way out of the situation is to replace the blades yourself or entrust all the work of sharpening them to a specialist. But these methods are costly and not always feasible in practice: there is no workshop nearby or the necessary spare parts are missing. All the work can be done with your own hands, using for this purpose available in almost all homes handy tools. There are quite a few options, how to sharpen hair clippers yourself.

Signs of sharpening blades

The clipper has stainless steel knives, often covered with titanium or diamond coating. Despite this, they become dull over time. The first signs of this are as follows:

  • there are problems with the alignment of the contour of the hair;
  • irritation of the skin occurs more than usual, up to cuts;
  • blades crumple or break hair, and do not cut them, which causes unpleasant (painful) feeling.

The manufacturers recommend sharpening the blades periodically. Regularity depends on the quality of the material of the cutting part and the intensity of use of the device. But usually these measures are postponed until a strong enough blunting. To return the blades to their former sharpness, you will need to sharpen them.

Methods of sharpening knives for haircutting machines at home

In the workshops, professionals use special machines for sharpening blades of various devices. If turning is rare, then there is no point in buying them. You can deal with the problem with your own hands, using the following devices to work:

  • professional sharpening kit;
  • grinder or typewriter;
  • emery;
  • bar;
  • lathe.

The quality of work when using these tools depends on the skills of sharpening specialist.

Sharpening on a grinder

Use a professional sharpening kit

When you have to cut people's hair or pets every day, it is necessary to sharpen the tool for work very often. In such cases, the best solution is to purchase a professional kit to solve the problem. Use of this set allows to sharpen a cutting part of the car quickly and well. There is nothing complicated about handling it, the main thing is to know that, how to do the job properly.

Set, in most cases, consists of such components:

  • machine with a cover;
  • aluminum disk;
  • inks;
  • cleans the composition;
  • magnet;
  • laser pointer.

To sharpen the blades with a professional kit, come in this way:

  • disassemble the machine, using a screwdriver to remove the knives;
  • prepare an aluminum disk for work: wipe off dust, lubricate it with oil, included in the kit and apply abrasive powder;
  • securely fix the laser and knife, to fasten the latter use a magnetic clamp);
  • set the required speed of rotation of the aluminum disk;
  • turn on the machine;
  • pressing the blade to the disk, revolving, sharpen it;
  • than smoothly move from the center to the edge of the disk;
  • stop the machine;
  • remove and demagnetize the knife;
  • using a special composition from the kit, wash the blades in this liquid, at the same time small particles of metal and abrasive are removed;
  • additionally, the knives are cleaned with a brush and wiped dry before installation;
  • make assembly of the typewriter.