How to name a British cat or cat

For purebred animals, leading lineage from specially titled parents, the choice of nicknames is limited by rules. It will depend on the names of the manufacturers. This does not always suit the owners. Then something else comes up, convenient home name for a new family member. The official remains in the documents - for special occasions. And the hosts have almost a problem: how to name a british cat?

Nicknames for the British

Choosing an animal's nickname is not an easy task. The name of the new household is usually given by the whole family, sometimes it is a very emotional process. Not wonderful, that the new person has been living in the house unnamed for some time. As it will be called, depends on several reasons, including (don't be surprised) not the last - the characters of the owners. The cat itself "attracts" nicknames in different ways.

The first circumstance is appearance. We look "on clothes", that is, for the color of the coat, wool density. The name for a British cat will inspire creative imagination.

  • The smoky boy is Fog. The nature is also mysterious, personality suddenly appears, and just as imperceptibly "nowhere" disappears. This fog will love to warm the sides with the sun, like all his other relatives.
  • Hoarfrost is a possible impulsiveness of British actions, mood swings: if he wants, he will stretch out on the sofa. Soon the cat may change his mind, change the location. And so, that it will not be possible to find it quickly. If at all successful. You like it? Then the question "how to name a British cat" is not a question at all.
  • Dawn is a good option for the blue British, you must like it too, if you are a lark. But the chronic push will not be happy, when your favorite cat wakes her up in the sweetest sleepy time.
  • Red (gold) British Orange will attract attention: as a bright appearance, and unusual, but with a nickname. Solar aristocrat Orange is positive, slightly mannered cat.

How to reflect in the nicknames of British cats character and other features

Not just coat color, but also character, stature, special features - everything affects that, how to call a british cat.

  • It is important for a sloth, indulgently look at it, what happens through the slits of half-closed eyes, the name Baron is requested. Or name the cat Pan.
  • The name Bow is perfect for a healthy Briton. Sturdy, dense, ears pointing up, look like a bow. So name it. Especially if the kitten is mobile, playful in nature. Even if the cat is talkative, ear shape - "eight", on the perimeter it still looks like a bow.
  • How to call a naughty British kitten, boy with innocent round eyes? If he was just spinning here, but already the tail of the trumpet is flashing somewhere there, Figaro's name will come in handy.
  • When "saw the pillar", the baby manages to push the vase off the table, immediately drive the ball under the sofa, jump out and fly through the curtains under the ceiling, perhaps, he is Gunpowder. But be careful with that, is not enough. Such a temperament, truth, for British cats is rare, so their names are usually of a different plan.
  • The British retained their natural independence. If the cat is still small, as a privileged person, it is probably the Sheikh.

By the way, the British-minded British cats will have many other "boss" names.:

  • The boss is that you will be in his home, and not he - you, keep in mind. In terms of an important boss, another option is unacceptable. They called it so impressive - be patient now. And the name is beautiful. Selection of nicknames for cats for the British is interesting, even instructive.
  • Boss - the same, as the Boss. Perhaps, a little easier, tolerant.
  • Be careful with the Oligarch, Please. The cat will not tolerate familiarity, you will feed thoroughly, and most importantly - quality. Will have to answer: You can't bring an oligarch in a cheap harness to people, dress yourself too, an important person should be accompanied in a decent way. Homes The oligarch will lie down, where he wants. Don't expect anything bad from him: status will not allow the Oligarch to tarnish his reputation.
  • Do you notice the amazing punctuality behind the British kitten - there is an option, how to call: Timer - it will always be so. The schedule will study or establish it itself, you will also be taught to follow the regime. He will sit in a bowl in time, reproachfully looks the owner in the eye, if it is empty. In general, The timer should not be different by definition.
  • Mars is solid and beautiful. Suitable for the strict militant nature of the cat. But if you call a cat a marsh, will be softer, kinder.
  • And here, example, Prince powerful creature strong physique is better not to call. Such a "square" specimen will grow, far to him the downtrodden princes. Think carefully, how to name a british cat or cat, so that the nickname does not seem absurd later.
  • Strong, compact cat, especially black, interesting to call the Square. Here its forms are emphasized, and originally Malevich hint is mentioned.
  • Dragon is the cutest, a little naive, interesting creature. There will definitely be nothing draconian in it, only feline, the second half of the word sounds like that: "Basket".
  • Lover of hiding or rummaging through packages. cat, loving hissing sounds, that he knows how to "voice" the space with them is Sherekh.

Funny names of British cats

  • Humorists will get Baton. And don't get me wrong: roundness of forms and genetic predisposition to weight gain in the British is.
  • If the cat is red, a smile and emotion will cause Biscuit. Plump and cheerful, sometimes (on the situation) important, The biscuit will bring a lot of pleasant emotions to the hosts and their guests.
  • There are also funny names for British cats: Hematogen (for chocolate), Xerox (it, of course, not castrated), Wi-Fi.
  • And how about you - Dude? He will also be a cat. Real dude! Everyone will smile, but not for long. This pet is on my mind. The name for a British cat is a signal for action. Which - the cat will decide for himself.
  • Bracelet - similar to biscuits has a golden color. Maybe, by the way, and silver to be, all shades of blue, ripe, silver and their combination. The creature is serious, is respected, occasionally a cat may come down and allow itself to be "handled".

Familiar to fairy tales names for British cats

Tales, legends, myths, cartoons and feature films are a good source of ideas: names are remembered there, familiar from childhood.

  • Slugabed, and among cats there are many, it will be a touching Morpheus for you. Its soothing appearance and the usual calm will be the best soothing for the occupants of the house.
  • It is better not to call Cupid, except for the neuter. Otherwise you will have to endlessly try to escape from the apartment with a tail on his love affairs.
  • Leopold (for the most friendly). The British are friends in a unique way, remotely as if. But some of them are real Leopold, the name of the cat from the cartoon seems to have been invented for them.
  • Balu is good, slightly awkward big man in a chocolate-colored coat. Great option, how to name a british cat boy, who has such an appearance and gait.
  • Mowgli will find, that in your house will replace it with vines. Master the available and not very accessible space, will feel comfortable everywhere. Adult Mowgli will gain miracles and dignity, "Monkey" habits will become less common.

Keep in mind: the sound of the name partially shapes the character of the animal. You can call it Sherkhan, later notice not without surprise: animal notes in the character of the cat are found thoroughly. "What do you call the yacht". Tested many times and repeatedly. Perhaps, not only sound is affected, and a special intonation of the voice. If you say "Smoke" softly, then a different tone will sound in the word "Sherkhan". Truth, The smoke for British solidity is weak.

Not just coat color, but also character, stature, special features - everything affects that, how to call a british cat. Source: Flickr (Cees_Schipper)

Names for British cats

  • How to name a British cat, you can think for a long time, but sometimes it is enough to see the wool blue, and this girl is already Malvina. You will perceive her as a fabulous fragile business character, Malvina will catch it. Will it be like that, as they see it.
  • Mink - the girl will be careful, graceful, truly ubiquitous. Despite the strong forms, will find refined sophistication, the ability to "leak" almost through the cracks. He will keep his distance, ordinary cat tenderness is not in her character, the desire to hug the animal will burden him. Respect Mork's personal space!
  • Lavender is an intense color, almost steel. Everyone will admire her, who will see this splendor. Same name, given to the white British, promises you the fulfillment of desires.
  • Ash - beautiful, slightly windy creature. You can shift the emphasis to the first syllable to give the coquette a special charm, it will be interesting.

The nicknames of British girls' cats are almost infinitely varied. Other colors of the coat and the nuances of the cat's behavior will "ask" for other names.

  • Viola is a graceful creature, like a flower. The color can be mixed, of spots of different colors, as in the eponymous flower - varieties of "pansies". Ideal for a tricolor cat (Harlequin coloring, Van, Bicolor). The character is calm, almost unmoved. Slight alertness in the eyes.
  • How to call a British cat white? It can be Snizhana - proud and cold, only occasionally will it thaw, allowing yourself to be immersed.
  • The fairy gives tenderness to a baby and works miracles. Usually, of a positive nature. Wonderful beauty and grow up.
  • Beauty is a bit of a mannered person. He knows, that spectacular. But will provide enthusiasts, perhaps the envious views of those, who has no such beauty.
  • Nizhenka is graceful, sometimes capricious. Legible in everything: feed, place in the house and everything else Nizhenka will choose herself. Take offense at the stern exclamation. In a word, Nizhenka, she is single.
  • Flippers are a kind creature, in which independence is less pronounced, than by breed on average. Clinging to the man, the question of "how to name a British cat girl" in this case is decided by itself.

The grace and independence of cats often motivates people to compare them to goddesses. There is something mythical in the behavior of many of them and in appearance too. Let's turn to mythology.

  • Naiad loves water. The British are not particularly fond of this element. But if, thinking, how to name a british cat girl, you remember: she bathes without fear, calmly or even with pleasure, that is Naiad. The general nature of the breed does not always coincide with the cat's personality. Naiad promotes a strong marriage, protects health - a solid positive.
  • Hera also strengthens the marriage, saves love. You will definitely love Hera herself, and she will be the guardian of the family hearth of the house, patroness of family love.

Giving pets the names of goddesses, don't overdo it. Some mythological characters do not contain the positive.

The names of British cats should be reckless, weighty, and at the same time reflect grace, inherent in the beautiful half of the feline genus.

Many people call pets by their names - it's an easy choice, but not creative. And correct it, apparently, you can't name. A matter of taste, Of course. Thinking, how to name a british cat boy, you can find his original name, and you can just see Vasya in it. Nickname, truth, it doesn't look like.

What nicknames do the British like?

As for the hissing sounds, which are supposedly loved by cats, this is a myth. Cats themselves can hiss, but not from love. And the sounds of the name are understood and remembered - any.

Example, in the funny nickname Dude the first letter sounds loud. Although it is considered sizzling. Cats respond to this name instantly and any Dude in a second or two will happily rush to such an exclamation.

Take at least outbred Murzyk - nothing in this word stopped hissing, and cats are glad to hear it.

Feel free to name your pet liked and appropriate nicknames for the character, color or some special features. Nicknames for British cats (and not only them) choose not by hissing sounds. Any of those, what you think is successful, easily recognized and remembered by the pet. He has excellent hearing, our alphabet is not a problem for him. Although you hiss, though you whistle, even if you call loudly and loudly, everything will be clear to a clever animal.

By the way, the cat perfectly understands also transformation of the name. Shuttle Katso melts, when he is called Katsu, because after that there will be pleasant tenderness, stroking, itching of the abdomen and behind the ear. And he knows, who is he: easily torn from your favorite place and easily, in two jumps, is found near the host, hearing the call "cat!», With the intonation "where are you?». The dude also likes to be a dude. They all understand, our favorites.

I want to name the cat in an original way. Choosing names for British cats is an exciting activity. Even if the choice is not immediate, causing disagreements. Decide peacefully, how to name a british cat, if desired, you can. Gather the whole family, write your variations of cat names on strips of paper. Download the strips into rolls, stir. And then trust the younger or older of you to choose any roll without looking. Random choice is a regularity. Love and cherish this fluffy "pattern", let it please you always. With any name.

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