Which polish is best for the car body? Manufacturers rating

When caring for a vehicle, every motorist strives to choose the best polish. A variety of tools to remove scratches from car plastic, body, headlights and interior will probably confuse even an experienced motorist. Therefore, it is logical to form a rating of polishes for different purposes, which will outline the key advantages and disadvantages of the composition. "Leader" - the best polish for cars - and will be recommended for care.

Polishing the car

Polish for cars has a classification depending on the purposes of use:

  • polishes for a car body eliminate scratches and dimming from LKP on metal surfaces. They are suitable for that, who is driving white, color or black machine, as restore the original shine;
  • polishes for car plastic are used to give shine to plastic components (spoilers and other tuning elements);
  • putties for glass, which are for sale, restore transparency, glitter headlights and windows.


The list of polishes for a car body and removal of scratches from windows looks as follows:

  • SONAX 273141. This scratch polish is used as a glass repair agent. It is characterized by protective properties, contains ceroxide, which polishes surfaces mechanically and chemically at the same time. Used only on glass, leveling the surface. Successfully removes turbidity. It is not cheap, but has no unpleasant odors during use;

SONAX polish 273141

  • Hi-Gear HG5640. The best polish to restore headlights and glass. Facilitates the rapid rolling of dirt and water from the surface at low and medium speeds, leaving the glass clean. Used for all types of glass, including glasses. Saves the driver from having to turn on the wipers, but is characterized by an unpleasant alcohol odor;

HI-GEAR HG5640 polish

  • Doctor Wax DW 5219. This is beautiful, judging by the reviews on car forums, polish for car plastic. Updates bumpers, moldings and various panels, preserving the polymer layer. Prevents accumulation of dirt, visually makes the color of a colored or black car more saturated. Has an antistatic effect, without forming a greasy film. Among the disadvantages is the inconvenience of the cap for applying the composition;

DOCTOR WAX DW5219 polish

  • Meguiars G-12310. This polish with wax and gel structure fights scratches, dirt, turbidity and other chemical deformations. Makes plastic water repellent, does not contain solvents. Suitable for details (including headlights) made of hard and flexible plastic. Scratch polish on the car keeps the effect stated by the manufacturer 3 months, but it is not cheap;

Meguiars G-12310 polish

  • NANOX 8344. Nanox car body polishes contain nanocomponents, which level the microrelief of the body surface. Also used to give shine to plastic and as a prevention for headlights (prevent yellowing and cloudy appearance). STEAM, judging by the reviews, has no significant shortcomings and claims the title of best polish;

NANOX polish 8344

  • Doctor Wax 8307. This car body polish is made in the USA and is presented in the form of a paste. If you are interested, which polish for metal and plastic is better, dwell on this option. Use car body polish to remove circular streaks and opacity, as well as corrosion prevention. The tool removes the upper oxidized layer of paint, traces of dirt, insects and other imperfections. It is cheap to polish for black and colored plastic, but you need to buy a polishing paste for it separately;

DOCTOR WAX DW8307 polish

  • LIQUI MOLY 7644. If you don't know, which is better - polish or wax, buy this protective composition. Its basis: polymers, silicone and wax of vegetable origin. Protective agent, which prevents the appearance of new contaminants and maintains the effect after several sessions of washing the car. Suitable for any varnish, used at home and prevents oxidation of the paint. Feature: applies only to new machines and is not very effective for old coatings;

LIQUI MOLY polish 7644

  • Turtle Wax Color Magic. Test polishes for cars showed, that it should be used for the freshness of the color of the paint. Application requires prior thorough washing and application of suede;

Turtle Wax Color Magic polish

  • Turtle Wax+ PTFE. Contains Teflon, which helps to preserve the result to 4 months. Refreshes black paint well, gives it shine, applied to any coating;

Turtle Wax Plus PTFE polish

  • Turtle Wax Original FG6507. To the question, which polish is better to polish the car, many motorists will recommend Turtle Wax Original. The composition is made on a wax base, contains natural abrasive koalin. Copes with chemical pollution, regularly participates in tests of polishing agents and wins there. This very good body polish has one drawback: the bottle is designed for one complete treatment of the car.

Turtle Wax Original FG6507 polish

Choosing, which polish best removes scratches, pay attention to its composition. There should be abrasives and wax - it fills scratches well, making the surface smooth.

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