What are capsules for coffee makers and how to use them

Coffee is very popular all over the world. Many lovers of fragrant drink keep appliances at home for its quick preparation. Among them, capsule models are of the greatest interest, who can prepare your favorite drink in minutes, using special capsules for coffee makers and coffee machines. Consider, what they are and how to use them.

What are they

Let's start with, what are capsules and what they are. They are small cups with lids, inside which is fried, ground and pressed coffee. They are made of different materials:

  1. Made of aluminum. Capsules are in high demand, made of aluminum foil by most manufacturers. The foil protects the resulting drink from the effects of metal. Such packaging is often used for re-brewing coffee, so-called reusable capsules.
  2. Plastic or polymer products, environmentally friendly.
  3. Combined, using polymeric materials, aluminum foil and cellulose.

How to brew "capsule" coffee

Coffee capsules for the coffee machine must be equipped with a sealed lid. In the device they are located in a special compartment between two filters, where they are specially pierced on two sides. Then on one side of the capsule is fed under high pressure hot water, and on the other side of it pours ready-made coffee. If the capsules are disposable, they are usually discarded immediately after use. In the same case, if the products are reusable, they can be reused.

Capsule-type devices are characterized by rapid coffee preparation and process automation. All you have to do is insert the selected capsule into a special compartment of the coffee machine and press the start button.