What is in the pressure cooker pressure and temperature

Modern pressure cooker gives a great opportunity not only to quickly prepare the desired dish, but also to make it as tasty and useful as possible. The main advantage of using a pressure cooker in cooking is the preservation of the maximum number of vitamins and nutrients in ready-made food. After all, with traditional cooking in a pan during the interaction with oxygen is not only a change in taste, but also partly the composition of the ingredients. Specially selected temperature and pressure help to achieve this effect, and what exactly are the indicators of these parameters in the pressure cooker - let's try to understand.

design features

First of all, it is worth noting, that each of these indicators directly affects not only the technical characteristics, but also the speed of cooking. Externally, the pressure cooker resembles a fairly large container, which is provided with a hermetically sealed lid. Thanks to the latter, oxygen does not get inside during cooking.

Despite the complexity of the design, the work of the pressure cooker is very simple. Due to the tightness of the lid, pressure is created inside the device, which is responsible for increasing the temperature, which together speeds up the cooking process.

Pressure in the device

Everyone knows the basics of physics, that the temperature of the liquid directly depends on the atmospheric pressure. If the mercury column rises by 10 mm, then the temperature will rise by about 0,3 WITH. The boiling point of water under natural cooking conditions is constant and does not exceed 100 WITH, and it is almost impossible to influence. But thanks to the sealed lid, the miracle helper, the developers were able to achieve by increasing the pressure and increase the temperature, thanks to which food is prepared much faster.

On the basis of this law the modern pressure cooker was created.

Each model has more than one mode. There are two main ones in any model:

  • mode of operation at 0,7 there is, which allows you to cook meat very quickly, cereals, beans and other dishes from products with a fairly dense structure;
  • but the mode at 0,3 the bar resembles the use of a multicooker.

The latter option will be ideal for cooking products with a porous soft structure, example, fish, vegetables, birds.

There is such a thing, as the absolute pressure in the pressure cooker. Usually, it 0,7 or 1 there is. When the device reaches this level, it is necessary to stop further heating - it threatens to explode, even despite the presence of a safety valve. In mechanical units, which are heated on the stove, the user is responsible for the temperature control function. You need to carefully read the operating instructions, to know - what pressure for this device is considered absolute. In electric pressure cookers, automation is responsible for maintaining the temperature, what, certainly, more convenient.

Temperature mode during cooking

As already mentioned, the principle of operation of the device is based on the effect of pressure inside the pan on the temperature. With increasing pressure, in accordance, the temperature regime increases, which speeds up the immediate cooking process. Most housewives, who use a miracle pot in their kitchen, do not even think about the question, what is the temperature in the pressure cooker during cooking. But such knowledge will not be superfluous, after all knowing the temperature, it is much easier to determine the right time, what will be needed for cooking.

As already mentioned, most models use two main pressure modes. In accordance, will and 2 temperature regimes.

  1. At 0,3 bar thermometer scale will show close 109 WITH. This mode of operation is the most gentle, and is suitable for cooking a wide range of products.
  2. The second mode significantly speeds up the cooking process, especially meat. At 0,7 bar it allows you to achieve 116 WITH.


To understand the feasibility of using such a device, it is necessary to compare the cooking time of different dishes. If you consider the most common products, then the next picture will come out.

  1. When cooking chicken in a pressure cooker is required 15 minutes of her work, while a multicooker will take about an hour for a similar dish.
  2. Rice porridge, which requires close 40 minutes of cooking, in the pressure cooker will be ready for just 12 minutes.
  3. You will need everything to make jelly in a miracle pan 40 minutes, and the multicooker will cook all the ingredients only for 2-3 years.

It is a pleasure to cook in a pressure cooker. But first, than to start such a case, it is necessary to study all the characteristics of the device and understand the features of its operation. Knowing, what is the pressure and temperature in the pressure cooker, it is possible to use the potential inherent in it as rationally as possible.