Which iPhone is better to buy

iPhone has long ceased to be a commonplace phone name from Apple, and became a sign of high status of its owner. Even users, who have a remote view of the trade brands in the world of digital technology, there is a desire to buy cheap, but a good iPhone. However, not everyone understands, that the company has never produced budget gadgets. The company's products are expensive products for wealthy people, striving to get the best in this life. So we decided to discuss which iPhone is better to buy in the beginning 2017 year, based on the opinion of experts.


Price - iPhone quality

Everyone knows, that the price of Apple devices far exceeds the cost of most other mobile gadgets on the market. Of course, many readers wonder why the iPhone is so expensive? And all because, that the apple company in the production of telephones uses technologies of its own development. They have everything, starting from the case and ending with the screen, operating system and processor. Accordingly, the company fully guarantees the quality of its products, because at all stages of production careful control is carried out and only the most modern are used, the best and quality materials, and the company's staff consists of the best professionals in their field. Apple is also famous for the most hacking and virus-protected operating system today. That's why the apple brand is absolutely justified and asks for such a price. Of course, you can buy chinese iphone, but for the same guarantee of quality and efficiency, as in the original, it is not necessary to count especially. Let's now take a closer look at the most popular models of the brand over the past few seasons.

Apple iPhone 5S

It is worth noting at once, that each new version of Apple smartphones is an order of magnitude better than all previous generations, and therefore all the obsolete models are much cheaper, which attracts users, wishing Many buyers are interested, how good is the iphone 5s? This product looks modern and stylish. The device stands out among the mass of standard phones of different brands. The model turned out thin and compact.

  • The display of the device was all 4 inches diagonally, which is not enough for modern gadgets. IPS-screen has a resolution of 1136x640 pixels at a density 326 PPI.
  • The iPhone 5s got a quality basic photo module on 8 millions of pixels and is able to display a picture with the ability 3264? 2448 pixels.
  • Camera, located on the front panel is not the best, because it was 1.2 MP. Although such indicators are enough for video communication.
  • The A7 processor consists of two cores with a clock speed 1,3 GHz.
  • The capacitive performance of the non-removable Li-Ion battery was 1560 mA / year, which is enough for 10 hours of continuous conversation.
  • Graphics processing is entrusted to the PowerVR G6430 coprocessor, a 1 GB RAM helps to open several applications at once.
  • The built-in drive, depending on the modification of the gadget may have a volume of 16 to 64 GB.

If you consider the iPhone 5s or 6s, then the presented gadget is slightly inferior to his older brother.

Apple iPhone 6, 6S, 6S plus

If I say, that the iPhone plus six plus is an enlarged 6s model, then it accurately characterizes its appearance. After all, both devices are almost indistinguishable. The back and sides of the smartphones are made of aluminum alloy, and the front panel was protected by durable Ion-X glass. Thanks to the oleophobic coating on the IPS-panel almost no fingerprints remain. The device provided a sensor, which reads fingerprints, which is built into the "Home" button. All devices received a built-in lithium-ion battery, but with different volumes. I want to note, that the 6s Plus model received identical functions, as the sixth iPhone. The only difference between the different models of camera phones is the size of their screens.

  • High quality Retina HD screen, which supports 3D Touch technology, presented in size 5,5 or 4,7 in. depending on the phone modification.
  • There are also differences in the resolution of displays, which is 1920 ? 1080 or 1334? 750 points for 6S Plus smartphones, 6 or 6S, in accordance.
  • All considered devices got powerful 64? Bit processor chip A9.
  • The five-lens lens of the 12-megapixel camera in the updated version of the S6 Plus has been supplemented by optical image stabilization.

If you want to find a good smartphone with high build quality and performance, then pay attention to the model of the sixth series.

Apple iPhone SE

If you are looking for which iPhone to choose, then the SE model deserves attention. In the manufacture of a convenient smartphone case, used brushed aluminum, in general, developers do not try to deviate much from the usual style of the company.

  • Qualitative 4? The Retina inch screen displays an incredibly clear and vivid picture. The multi-touch display has LED backlighting and is based on IPS technology, and his permission was 1136? 640 points. It is protected by an oleophobic coating, prevent the appearance of fingerprints from the user.
  • The smartphone with 4g is based on a powerful A9 microchip. Thanks to him 64? Its bit architecture can be compared to desktop PCs, guaranteeing fast response and excellent speed.
  • Photographs, made by the 12th MP photomodule, not inferior in quality to the better iPhone 6s. In addition, you have a great opportunity to shoot videos with 4K resolution, which is four times higher than 1080p HD quality.
  • With Touch ID, you can easily unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint. This is the most secure password, which cannot be lost, forge or forget.
  • High-quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows you to watch your favorite movies throughout 13 hours.

Due to these features, the SE phone is worth buying at 2017 year.