Which refrigerator is better Indesit or Atlant: which is better, comparison of models, prices and quality

Every manufacturer of home appliances tries to satisfy the desires of the consumer as much as possible. Most often, going to the store for a new refrigerator, we already roughly imagine, what I would like to buy. But sometimes it happens, that several models meet the desired criteria at once and the main difference is only in the choice of brand. Here is an example, which refrigerator is better "Indesit" or "Atlant"? Not everyone will be able to answer this question at once. Let's try to understand together.

About manufacturers

We will start our comparison of Atlant and Indesit refrigerators with the characteristics of each of the brands.


This manufacturer has changed quite popular in Soviet years refrigeration equipment "Minsk". Stable quality, time-tested, and still attracts many buyers. The choice of models is quite large and can meet a variety of needs. Belarusian refrigerators "Atlant" can boast of reliable mechanical control, a good class of energy saving (A or A +), using a neutral refrigerant, adaptability to the energy system of the CIS countries, using strong and elastic ABC plastic.


This company is widely known as a reliable Italian manufacturer. Refrigerators and other appliances of this brand are convenient, comfortable and multifunctional. European quality, that criterion, which is preferred by many buyers. But there is one nuance. Indesit refrigerators are not always made in Italy. This company has many branches in Europe, and in Asian countries. Therefore, the quality of products can vary greatly depending on, in which country the assembly was conducted. Models of Chinese production or plant are most often presented on the Russian market, located in the Lipetsk region.

Nevertheless, refrigerators of the Indesit brand are also very diverse functionally, have a fairly wide model and price range. All these qualities allow the buyer to choose the model, perfectly meets all expectations.

We compare refrigerators "Indesit" and "Atlant"

To determine by example, which is better "Atlant" or "Indesit" let's take two specific models, one from each manufacturer. For the purity of the experiment, we will compare refrigerators in approximately one price category: Atlant XM 4092 022 and Indesit BIA 16.

General parameters

Each of these models does not differ much from the other in basic technical characteristics:

  • there are separate units with freezers, located below;
  • color white, coating material - plastic;
  • electromechanical control;
  • each of the models has one compressor;
  • energy consumption class - A (339.45 kW / h / year in Atlanta and 325 kW / h / year in "Indesit");
  • both models have a manual drip defrost system;
  • both refrigerators run on R600a refrigerant (isobutane);
  • both models have the ability to re-hang the door and convenient shelves made of impact-resistant glass.


All other things being equal, the Indesit refrigerator is slightly lower than its Belarusian counterpart:

  • dimensions Atlant HM 4092 022 - 60x63x176 cm;
  • dimensions Indesit BIA 16 - 60x66x167 div.

At the same time, Indesit has a little less useful volume. This parameter is 278 l, of which 193 l accounted for by the refrigerated compartment and 85 l - in the freezer. The Atlant refrigerator boasts a slightly large useful volume. The general parameter is 297 liters. With 201 l will take the refrigerator and 96 l - freezer.

Noise level

This parameter in both models is also completely identical and according to the manufacturers does not exceed 39 dB. Truth, for this purpose the refrigerating unit needs to be exposed on absolutely equal surface and to adjust strictly on level.


At first sight, freezers in both refrigerators have no significant differences. Both are located at the bottom of the unit and have three drawers. Looking at the instructions, you will see, that Atlantis HM 4092 022 can freeze 4,5 kg of products per day. At the same time Indesit BIA 16 able to handle only four pounds. The difference seems small, but it is.

When the electricity is cut off, "Atlant" is able to hold on to the autonomous mode of the whole 17 hours. In "Indesit" this figure is 2 years less.

Cold store

Looking at the upper compartment, you can see several significant differences:

  • in "Atlanta" you will find 4 shelves for products, and in "Indesite" all of them 3;
  • total 3 door shelves "Indesit" can not compete with 6 in Atlanta;
  • in addition, complete with Atlant HM 4092 022 a separate container for eggs is provided;
  • both models have on 2 spacious boxes for vegetables and fruits.

Another difference between the two models is the class of the refrigerator. Atlant XM 4092 022 has class N - that is, that the declared indicators it is capable to give out at work in a temperature range +16 +32 WITH. For warmer regions Indesit BIA 16 preferably. It has class N-ST and is able to operate normally at ambient temperatures up to +38 WITH.

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