Which heater to choose for the apartment: varieties and features of good heating devices

The average buyer is often lost from the availability on store shelves of a range of appliances for heating homes, not understanding, on which product to choose. To choose the right device, fully provides additional heating of the apartment, you need to understand its advantages and disadvantages, as well as functional features of the device.

Only in this case, the choice can be considered conscious and rational. But first you need to understand the features of the choice of heater and understand, which model is suitable for a particular room depending on the main characteristics of the device. It will depend on the parameters of the device quality and speed of heating.

Scope and principle of operation of the heater

The use of heaters is necessary if the thermal energy from the main radiators is not enough for a comfortable stay indoors. Nobody wants to freeze in their own apartment, but housing and communal services do not always provide enough heat to heat the living space. Plus, all the insulation of apartments in standard high-rise buildings leaves much to be desired, which leads to significant heat loss, which can be compensated by a heater.

I want to note and ventilation losses thermal energy, which are formed due to the penetration of air flows from the street into the living space. Old window frames and cracks in the door frames, the ventilation system and the central hood are also loopholes for the penetration of street cold. Therefore, in addition to buying a heater, it is desirable to conduct additional insulation.

To date, there are several basic types of heaters, differing, the principle of its work.

  1. Due to the convection method, the room is heated by mixing cold and warm air masses.
  2. Wave radiation heats the wall and floor surfaces in the apartment. This principle of operation is used in infrared heaters.
  3. Due to the method of thermal ventilation is directed heating of air due to heat fluxes.

Thus for full clarity it is necessary to understand each principle of work of heaters as much as possible in detail, that will allow choose effective, economic and at the same time an inexpensive device.

Varieties of heaters

today maximum popularity among homeowners bought such heaters:

  • oil radiator;
  • convection heater (convector);
  • infrared emitter;
  • thermal fan.

To understand, which device to prefer in a particular case you need to get acquainted in more detail with each model separately.

Design features of the oil radiator

Externally, the modern oil cooler resembles standard sectional battery central heating system. The main coolant in such a household appliance is mineral oil, which is heated to boiling point. Structurally, such devices differ in the number of sections depending on the area of ​​the room, heated.

Cheap radiators, not equipped with a thermostat, which is responsible for disabling tens in automatic mode, when the required temperature is set, can heat up to 120 ° C. Naturally, when touching such a surface, there will be a burn on the skin. Therefore, such heating equipment is not recommended for use in apartments, where children live. And in principle, it is not advisable to save on security. Products with the built-in timer are considered convenient in operation, that allows, switch the appliance on and off at the set time.

The main advantages of oil radiators, used as an additional heat source in the apartment, can be attributed the following parameters:

  • relatively inexpensive cost;
  • compactness and the ability to move equipment to any room;
  • easy to use;
  • high heat transfer;
  • reliability and durability of the device;
  • silent operation of the heater.

Even given the great popularity of such devices, they have some significant shortcomings. Slow heating of the oil cooler leads to this, that the heating room heats up some time after the equipment is connected to the AC mains. Therefore, it is desirable to turn on such devices in advance. Cheap models dry the air, indoors significantly worsening the microclimate in the latter. When choosing an oil heater with the least number of shortcomings, it is better to prefer models, equipped, air ionizers.

Convector - efficient heating of the apartment

Convector design - the simplest heating device. Most models have a standard rectangular metal body inside, which houses the heating elements. At the same time modern devices are equipped with ceramic heaters, which do not burn oxygen. Holes are arranged at the bottom of the case, through which cold air can penetrate, which, warming up, rises, up warming up the apartment. The convector works absolutely silently except for models, in which it is installed ??forced ventilation. Although, if necessary, the fan can be turned off, thus ensuring absolute silence during operation of the heater.

Modern models of convectors are available as with wall, and floor method of placement, it is recommended to choose places, are, at the level of the main radiators. And thanks to its compactness, the device will easily fit into the interior of any room.

Most modern convectors are equipped with a temperature control function. At the same time to ensure the maintenance of the desired temperature, the devices have electronic or bimetallic thermostats, controlling the set mode. Naturally, that electronic thermostats with calibration in degrees Celsius allow, more precisely, set the air heating temperature. In turn, bimetallic devices have conditional regulation of changes in temperature parameters.

Also all convection heaters have protection against overheating, which works automatically, if the floor convector overturns on the floor or a foreign object falls on it. Heating the air in the apartment, as in the case of the oil cooler is quite slow, but then a comfortable temperature will be maintained in the room for a long time.

Another tangible advantage of the convector in contrast to the oil appliance is that, that it does not overheat and as a consequence, if a person accidentally touches the heater, then no traces will be left on the skin. In addition, such equipment consumes much less electricity without compromising the heat dissipation of the device.

They are in special demand film type heaters, which are placed on the wall and take up almost no usable space in the apartment. With, when the device is not in use it can be rolled up and sent to the pantry for further storage. To increase the efficiency of the film device, it is recommended to place it near a door or window, thus blocking the flow of cold air masses into the apartment.

Fan heater - fast heating of the room

The main purpose of the heat fan is to quickly heat the air in a small living space or living space. Such a heater in full copes with the task and therefore is in great demand among consumers. Structurally, such a device consists of metal, ceramic or metal-ceramic heating element, located, in the case, made of quality plastic.

Fan heaters in the metal case meet less often. But in all models the fan is located immediately behind the heating elements, due to which the flow of warm air quickly spreads around the room. In addition, turning off the heating elements, the device can be used as a fan.

Due to the compactness of most models of heat fans can be placed in the bathroom, toilets or just on the desktop creating a pleasant microclimate in the desired area. In addition, manufacturers produce more powerful models, placed on the walls or floor. At the same time the consumer is given the opportunity to make the choice of the corresponding device depending on the purposes and sphere of its use..

Modern fan heaters are equipped with power regulators, operating in multiple modes. Heaters with electronic control units are additionally equipped with a remote control, which increases the comfort of using the device.

The only one, but a significant disadvantage of such heaters is high noise level when the fan is running, which creates discomfort, especially at night. Because of this, it is not recommended to use ventilators for people with sleep disorders. Therefore, every seemingly insignificant detail is of great importance when choosing a heater in the apartment.

Infrared heater

Infrared heaters have recently appeared on the market, but gradually occupy a worthy place among such devices. Thus in such equipment all the shortcomings are missing, inherent in the previously considered devices. A fundamental feature of this heater is not heating the air in the apartment, and items, which then give off heat to the room. Plus, such products have a number of other positive qualities:

  • high fire safety;
  • quiet operation;
  • Does not overdry the air in the room;
  • quickly heat the rooms in the apartment;
  • consume a small amount of electricity;
  • can be placed on any surface in the apartment.

In the process of choosing an infrared heater is required beware of Chinese fakes, flooded the consumer market because of its cheapness. It is better to choose a model from a well-known manufacturer. Quality goods must always have the appropriate certificates, confirming its origin.

What to look for in the selection process?

Getting acquainted with the main types of heaters is easier to understand, which is suitable for use in the apartment. But the most important parameter of such a device is its power, on which the quality and the maximum area of ​​the room will depend, heated. However, in addition to the parameters of the device must be taken into account and some characteristics of the room:

  • the presence of door and window openings;
  • room height;
  • number of inhabitants in the apartment;
  • the presence of other household appliances emitting heat;
  • type of light sources in the room.

The choice of a suitable heater in the apartment should be based on the operating conditions and purposes of use of the device. Naturally, plays an important role the cost of some models. Therefore, the buyer can not always buy your favorite product. But no matter what the price of the device when buying it, it is important to carefully examine its appearance. The presence of any even minor defects is simply unacceptable.