Which compressor to choose for painting a car?

Today the market of superchargers, used in painting is quite large. It is possible to choose superchargers as domestic production, and foreign companies. The nature of painting as a car will depend on the choice of a particular model, and other kinds of designs.

Significant differences in the mechanisms of technical characteristics create the need, identify and select the compressor, which is used for painting.

There are a number of differences between the painting units:

  • Distinctive feature of the design (piston, screw);
  • According to the level of oil saturation in compressed air (oily, oil-free);
  • Drive type, uses a belt drive or coaxial;
  • A 220V or 380V power supply is used);
  • Volumes of filling of capacity for air;
  • By method of compression (piston, membrane);
  • Number of compression stages (one-, two-, multistage);
  • The pressure is forced by air;
  • Production of compacted air flows;
  • Volumes of occupied space and weight.

Types of compressors

Compressor selection

Compressor, is a device, used to create and supply compressed air under high pressure.

The principle of operation is determined on the basis of a conventional water pump, but the distinguishing feature is that, that he is not pumping water, and air.

The oil in the device is used to prevent rapid wear of spare parts, also worth knowing, that a small part of the oil still gets into the compressed air. Especially in order that the oil does not mix with air use various filters and oil separators. If, on the specifics of the work, no more oil content 0,01 mg / m3, it is better to pick up oil-free superchargers. At designing of oil-free units specialized accessories with the lowered indicators of coefficient of contact friction are applied.. Therefore, they do not have a neck for pouring oil.

Types of compressors

  1. Oil compressors.

In devices of this type of construction, an oil spray system is used to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact. An oil film is formed, reduces heat dissipation and wear of parts, which will better preserve the performance of the compressor.

  1. Direct drive compressors (coaxial).

Aerosol primer for the car

The design consists of a crankshaft and an electric motor, which are fixed to each other by a coupling, composing a single, one-piece design. The main value of this unit is its simplicity and small installation, but with a similar design heat dissipation is complicated.