Do-it-yourself grape arch made of metal and plastic

Grapes are not only a tasty harvest, but also a decorative decoration of the garden. However, in order for the plant to acquire a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to make a supporting structure for it. How an arch for grapes is made and what materials it is made of will be explained below.

We choose a suitable place

Before starting work, it should be determined, where the arch will stand. The choice of location depends on the dimensions of the structure. Its height is usually 2-2,5 m.

The frame should not disturb the composition of the site, where the house is in the center. However, it should look organic and not stand out from the surrounding reality. Usually, I install such a structure along the paths when approaching the house or when leaving the garden.

Arch material

Arches for grapes are made of different materials. The choice of material is based on that, where the frame will be installed, its size and functionality. Let's consider in more detail, what materials are suitable for such an arched structure.

Wooden beams

Wood and PVC sheets are used in that case, if it is planned to grow varietal grapes, which every season yields a bountiful harvest. It is worth noting, that it is much easier to build a wooden arch for grapes with your own hands, than from other materials. Before using wooden materials, they are pre-treated with an antiseptic, covered with stain, as well as moisture-resistant varnish. This treatment will increase the service life of the structure.

Plastic pipes

Many gardeners make an arch from plastic pipes, which are used to create a drainage or heating system. You need to choose pipes of the same diameter. To create such a design, you need to make a drawing. You need to know, that the use of supporting structures made of plastic pipes is relevant in that case, if the plant does not give a very abundant harvest. Otherwise, under the weight of the bunches, the pipes will begin to deform over time.

Metal rods and pipes

If good strength is required, then you can use metal pipes and rods. Also, the frame is made of reinforcement. But for fastening, a welding machine is used here. If plastic and wood are relatively light materials, metal rods are quite heavy. Therefore, the work requires at least two people. After all, when "building up" the structure, its weight will increase. For the same reason, the foundation of the frame should be deepened to a sufficient depth.

Metal structures

It is most reliable to make arched metal frames. However, for the manufacture of such arches, a welding machine and the ability to work with it are required. A drawing is also required.

The advantage of using metal structures is their high strength and durability. But so that the frame has an attractive appearance, it needs proper care. Otherwise, rust will appear on it. Therefore, the finished frame can be painted with an aerosol can to give it greater aesthetics.

Step-by-step instructions

Whatever material is chosen, you need to know, how to make an arch under grapes. First, a drawing is made. All calculations and dimensions must be specified in it. Otherwise, problems may arise when assembling the frame. You can make the drawing yourself or use ready-made samples. However, in the second case, you can forget about originality. When the drawing is drawn and checked, you can start building a structure in your garden.

There is a step-by-step instruction for quick assembly of such a structure:

  • we choose materials. The choice is made based on the cost of the material, its practicality, as well as a person's ability to work with it. Remember, that the material must be prepared before use, otherwise, its service life will be reduced;
  • first, let's start preparing the grooves. For this, deep pits are dug 80 cm and diameter 60 cm. Sand is poured at the bottom of the grooves. The thickness of the layer is approx 20 div. Then the holes for the columns are prepared. They should look like an inverted trapezoid. The first two recesses should be placed at a distance 40 cm, and all the following - 50 cm;
  • when the grooves are ready, it's time to install. The support placed in the hole is filled with small pebbles and poured with a cement solution. When using wooden posts to protect them at the point of contact with the ground, they should be treated with a solution of copper sulfate. The bars must stay in it 10 days;
  • support elements are taken first. They should be well fixed. Moreover, fixation is carried out on the basis of the weight of each support. Metal pipes should be buried to a greater depth, than wooden bars. In order to achieve the maximum grip of the supports from the soil, you should use heel pads;
  • then a horizontal beam should be attached to each such support. If metal elements are used, then they are fixed by welding. Wooden beams are easily fixed with the help of various fastening elements. For this, holes in diameter are made on the beams 4-5 mm;
  • if the structure contains wire strands, then, to avoid their deformation during operation, special hooks are welded or nailed to the columns.

When the frame is displayed, it is necessary to stretch vertical wire threads throughout the structure, to which the grapes on the arch will cling, weaving the frame. Remember, that you can pull the strings, only when the cement has set well. It usually comes close 2-3 days.

Thread tension should start from the upper edge of the support, choosing the direction to its bottom. It is necessary to fix the upper edge of the thread at a distance 5 cm from strengthens the crossbars. But the lower edge is fixed at a distance 50 cm from the ground. In general, it is necessary to tighten 3-4 rows of wire. When the frame is ready, it is painted or protected again (in the case of using wooden beams).

Arch care

Otherwise, such designs will quickly become unusable or look unattractive. Grapes during the summer, braiding the arch, should be trimmed. All sprouts are cut, which stick out in an unnecessary direction. New vines are directed in the required direction by tying.

Leaves are removed from the plant in autumn, and the vines are cut. The frame itself must be cleaned of dirt and periodically repainted and treated with an antiseptic. Knowing, how to make an arch for any type of grape with your own hands, you can make the garden more cozy and beautiful.

Video "Arch under grapes with your own hands"

You will learn from this video, how to make an arch under grapes.