Do I need to cut off the leaves of cucumbers and what exactly?

The task of any gardener is to grow a rich and tasty harvest. In this regard, it is important to follow the rules of cultivation. As for cucumbers, then some gardeners prefer not to cut off the leaves of cucumbers, or do not pay due attention to this procedure.

Cut off the leaves?

One of the important steps in caring for cucumbers is pruning, which not only increases the number of fruits removed from the bush, but also significantly improve their quality. The point is, that cucumber often forms male shoots on the main stem, which later turn into so-called "empty flowers", which do not bear fruit. They need to be pinched, which will promote the formation of female shoots, which are formed on the lateral parts of the stem.

Even, if the harvest is good, do not shake over precious leaves, which consume large amounts of nutrients and moisture, necessary for the development and ripening of fruits. It is especially important to remove dry and diseased items, so that infections and pests do not spread further through the bush and do not lead to complete loss of the plant.

Why and why

If you cut the leaves, which are not involved in the process of photosynthesis and nutrition of the seedling, then it will add more strength to the development of the bush and extend the period of fruiting. Usually, cut off the excess tops, which overshadows the plant and prevents the growth of shoots.

As a result, nutrients are not wasted and promote accelerated ripening of cucumbers. Many gardeners note, that neither pruning male shoots often lead to that, that the fruits begin to be bitter.

Video "cucumber leaves thinning"

A video about that, why and how to remove leaves from cucumbers.