Diameters of stainless pipes: size table and GOST

Today, pipes made of stainless steel alloys are actively used for the installation of heating systems, water supply and sewerage. Choosing the diameters of stainless pipes according to a special table of sizes, you can successfully choose such products to solve various tasks.

For each type of stainless pipes, there are maximum permissible deviations from the parameters, defined by the relevant standards

All pipes, for the production of which stainless steel is used, are issued in strict accordance with the regulatory document. GOST determines not only the chemical composition of the material of their manufacture, but also their production technologies, sizes and assortment.

classification parameters

All range of pipes, made of stainless steel, divided into several categories. Parameters, according to which such division is carried out, is:

  • design features (seamed and seamless);
  • production technology (cold rolled, cold-drawn and hot-rolled);
  • cross-sectional shape (round and profile);
  • wall thickness (thick-walled and thin-walled).

Stainless pipes of various sizes are actively used for arranging communications, through which cold and hot water is transported, as well as for the installation of sewage systems. Such pipes, differing in significant diameter, are successfully used for the installation of oil pipelines- and gas pipelines.

The ratio of the outer diameter to the inner diameter of thick-walled stainless pipes is in the range 0,05-0,1

High popularity of pipe rolling, made of stainless steel, explained by a whole list of its merits:

  • exceptional durability;
  • the possibility of operation under high pressure;
  • resistance even to significant temperature changes;
  • high plasticity;
  • corrosion resistance, which is demonstrated even during operation in conditions of constant exposure to aggressive environments.

It should also be noted, that the minimum service life of stainless steel pipes corresponds 10 for years.

The main varieties

GOST stipulates, among other things, the assortment of stainless steel pipes, which includes products:

  1. used for transporting liquid and gas media — water and gas pipelines;
  2. covered with a special anti-corrosion compound;
  3. which differ in the insignificant thickness of the wall and have a thread at the ends (such steel pipes, the diameters of which may be different, also have reduced weight);
  4. made by welding technologies and have longitudinal seams;
  5. seamless, made by hot-rolled technology.

On each of the types of stainless pipes, the range and diameters of which are determined by GOST, should dwell in more detail.
water and gas pipes

Diameter of pipes of this type, as indicated by GOST, can vary within fairly wide limits: 15-50 mm. Such stainless pipes depending on, for operation under what pressure they are intended, are divided into easy, standard and reinforced.

Parameters of water and gas pipelines

GOST stipulates, that the ends of water and gas pipes must be cut at an angle 90 °, and welds, present on their surface, must be completely boiled and sealed. According to the standard, there may be minor chips on the surface of such steel pipes, but in general, their walls should be distinguished by smoothness and the absence of cracks.

Pipes with anti-corrosion coating

Such pipes, which are also listed in the range of stainless steel products, differ in that, that a zinc coating is applied to their surface, which provides additional corrosion resistance. According to the regulatory document, there should be no zinc-coated areas on them, swelling of the coating, burrs and other defects.

The dimensions of the thread, if it is applied to the end of such pipes, should not exceed 10 percent of the length of the product itself.

Threaded thin-walled pipes

These pipes, which are produced in different standard sizes, are used in those cases, when it is necessary to repair or change the construction of the pipeline. Products of this type, which allow to obtain reliable and hermetic connections, are not thick-walled and do not cope with large cross-sectional dimensions.

Parameters of light series pipes, which are made for carving

hot-rolled pipes

On the surface of hot-rolled pipes, which can be thick-walled, there are no welds, which gives such products high tightness and allows them to withstand even very significant pressure. This product, standard sizes of which are also discussed in the assortment, they are distinguished by the smoothness of the walls and the minimum coefficient of thermal expansion.

The most common areas of application of such pipes, the sizes of which can vary quite widely, is:

  • installation of mains for the supply of cold and hot water;
  • arrangement of sewage systems;
  • installation of heat networks and communications of other purpose.

Dimensions of seamless hot-deformed stainless pipes

It should be borne in mind, that as thin-walled, as well as thick-walled pipe products, produced by welding, can be used for water supply, used for technical purposes, and not for drinking or cooking.

standard sizes

The following parameters are included in the list of standard sizes of stainless pipe products:

  • the size of the conditional passage is the inner diameter, which can vary within 10-150 mm (the larger this parameter, the more pipes are characterized by high permeability);
  • thread dimensions (in accordance with the requirements of the standard, this parameter can vary in the interval 3 / 8-6 inches);
  • outer diameter, which, given the dimensions of the weld, may vary in the range 17-156 mm;
  • outer diameter of steel pipes, which are manufactured without the use of welded joints, — 16-159 mm.

The main dimensions of stainless pipes

Stainless steel pipes, depending on their type, are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of various regulatory documents:

  • GOST under no 3262-75 — water and gas pipelines;
  • 10705-80 — obtained by welding;
  • 20295-85 — intended for the laying of main pipelines.

Tables are given in each of the normative documents listed above, in which the assortment and standard sizes of similar products are indicated.

Brands and guaranteed parameters

In the tables, contained in regulatory documents for pipe rolling, made of stainless steel, contains various parameters. In particular, information about steel grades can be taken from these tables, used for the production of such pipes.

Permissible deviations from the dimensions must be within the limits of the values ​​indicated in the table

Knowledge of the material brand, of which it is made ??pipe, allows you to get an idea about that, which of its parameters are guaranteed. Here in particular, include:

  • A — mechanical characteristics of the steel used;
  • B is its chemical composition;
  • B is the ratio of the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the used alloy.

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