Stainless steel corrugated pipe and fittings for it

Stainless steel corrugated pipe has appeared on the market relatively recently, but is already actively used in many areas. This is a natural phenomenon associated with a number of indispensable performance of this type of pipe.

Universal corrugated flexible stainless steel pipe

Advantages of corrugated pipes

Stainless steel corrugated pipe was invented in Japan at the end of the last century. These products were not immediately actively used, for several years they were tested by experts from several countries, in particular South Korea and Germany. Testing, during which corrugated stainless steel was subjected to significant loads and operation in the most adverse conditions, showed, that products from it considerably surpass on the characteristics of a pipe from polypropylene, metaloplasty, as well as metal sheets.

Production of corrugated pipes, made of stainless steel, Today, many companies from around the world are involved, but the products of the South Korean company Kofulso became the most popular on the Russian market. The name of this company has even become a nickname for such products, so popular products of this brand in the domestic market. Many call corrugated pipe products, made of stainless steel, it is Kofulso's pipes. Recently, corrugated pipes are gaining more and more popularity in the domestic market, available under the brand name "Neptun" (Neptune).

Fittings for connecting corrugated steel pipes

Corrugated pipe, for the manufacture of which stainless steel is used, can be annealed or unannealed, which is important for such product characteristics, as strength and ductility. However, such pipe rolling has a number of significant advantages, which include the following.

exceptional durability

According to the manufacturers, pipes, for the manufacture of which corrugated stainless steel is used, can be successfully operated for several hundred years. What is important, such prolonged operation does not affect the condition of the steel pipe: at the size of its cross section, occurrence of microcracks and areas with excessive mechanical stress.


This property is provided by a unique corrugated design. Such flexible pipes are able to retain all their geometric parameters even after numerous freezing and thawing, they are not adversely affected by water hammer, repeated compression and stretching, sharp changes in temperature.

Use of pipes for installation of water supply systems


Due to this quality, corrugated stainless steel pipe products do not require constant maintenance, which makes their use a more cost-effective option, than the use of traditional pipes. in addition, such steel pipes, used for installation of water supply or heating systems, can be placed inside the walls of drywall, which do not have to be further disassembled due to the failure of communication elements.

No internal deposits

The inner surface of the corrugated pipes, made of stainless steel, over time does not overgrow deposits. This feature makes it possible not to use cleaning systems for corrugated pipes, and also provides them with long-term operation without loss or deterioration of the initial characteristics.

Convenience of transportation and storage

Corrugated pipes have a small specific weight and do not take up much space in the assembled state. Due to this, such steel pipes are convenient not only to transport, but also to store on pallets, which can be placed indoors or on a construction site very compactly.

Flexible corrugated stainless steel pipes, in addition to these benefits, are environmentally friendly, they do not emit substances into the ambient air, capable of harming human health. Such pipes are not afraid of rodents and mold, they are also distinguished by exceptional thermal conductivity and attractive appearance.

Production technology and scope

Special alloy steel is used to make corrugated pipe from stainless steel, in which the chromium content is increased, nickel. It is the combination of these elements in the steel provides it with exceptional corrosion resistance.

Remarkable technology for the production of corrugated stainless steel pipes, which consists of several stages:

  • forming a pipe from stainless steel tape;
  • joining the edges of the folded workpiece, performed by automatic welding;
  • checking the quality of the weld, for which a special laser installation is used;
  • conversion of the obtained smooth steel pipe into corrugated, for which it is passed through a system of shafts of different diameters;
  • heat treatment of the pipe (as a result, it becomes annealed, and therefore, flexible);
  • cutting the pipe into products of the required length;
  • compact folding in the bay.

The obligatory procedure after the completion of all technological operations is quality control of the finished product. At this stage, it is tested under pressure: placed in a liquid medium and monitored for the presence of microcracks in their walls.

Homemade heating radiator made of corrugated pipes

The popularity and variety of areas of use of pipes of this type are explained as the unique technical and operational characteristics of such products, and their affordable value, as well as efficiency and ease of installation.

Fully appreciated all the benefits of corrugated pipes, made of stainless steel, specialists in the construction industry, where these products are used most actively. Thanks to corrugated pipes it is possible to carry out installation of the served communications of various function (wiring, water supply and communications for gas supply, underfloor heating system, elements of climate systems and security systems). If earlier for repair of such communications it was necessary to dig and then to restore walls, then when using corrugated pipe, the need for such time-consuming procedures does not arise. Corrugated pipes are no less successfully used as chimneys, elements of gas communications, ventilation systems, air conditioning and heating.

Corrugated stainless steel pipes in housing and communal services, which are connected by special fittings, are also widely used. With their help reconstruction and repair of old engineering networks is carried out, perform installation of new communications, more reliable and durable. Steel strength and flexibility, comparable to the mobility of rubber products, as well as the reliability of the fittings used made corrugated stainless steel pipes a mandatory element of the equipment of enterprises, working in various fields: chemical, food, medical, agricultural, etc..

Water floor heating from flexible stainless steel pipes

Corrugated pipe connection methods

Stainless corrugated pipe connection, when with their help perform the installation of pipelines for various purposes, carry out, as mentioned above, by means of fittings, made of brass. Fittings of various sizes and configurations are presented in the modern market, that gives the chance to pick up them optimally for pipes of the corresponding size. Using such fittings, it is possible how to carry out installation of new pipelines, and to connect corrugated pipes with pipe products of any other type (metal, plastic and metal-plastic).

It should be borne in mind, that although South Korean companies are leaders in the production of corrugated stainless steel, fittings, made in South Korea, you will not find on the market, they simply are not produced in this country. But they are produced in sufficient quantities by companies from other countries, including to order of pipe manufacturers from South Korea. This means, that there are no problems with installation of corrugated pipes of any diameter.

in addition, the principle of connecting corrugated stainless steel pipes using fittings from different manufacturers remains unchanged, as well as the design of the connecting element itself, which includes:

Schematic representation of the connection of the corrugated pipe with the fitting

  • fitting housing and cap nut;
  • plastic or metal retaining ring;
  • gasket, made of quality silicone.

At installation of pipes of corrugated type by means of such fitting the end of a pipe is screwed in its case by means of a cap nut and is compressed in it by a silicone lining., sealing the connection. A snap ring in the fitting design is required for this, to prevent it from disconnecting from the pipe, which can occur under the influence of mechanical loads of various kinds (water hammer, thermal expansion, vibrations, etc.).

Though, that fittings from different manufacturers may differ in their configuration, they all work on the same principle and are even made of the same type of materials. It is not difficult to use such connecting elements, it is enough to watch a video about it, how the installation of corrugated pipes is performed.

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