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Delicious persimmon, growing at home which, will require care and patience, will thank you with delicious fruits in the near future, but you need to know, what soil is needed for planting, how to plant seeds and care further. Also, do not forget, that the exotic has a period of rest, flowering often does not occur for many reasons, and it happens, that the leaves turn yellow and wither…

Persimmon in the country - in the photo

Popular myths about breeding persimmons at home

Widely known, how delicious and healthy persimmons are. But, not everyone knows, where it grows, and whether it is possible to grow it at home. In fact, it is quite possible. To carry out the plan, first it is useful to study the information and understand what attention persimmons require, growing at home which for many has become commonplace and at the same time, dispel some popular myths:

  1. Persimmon seeds are difficult to germinate, need treatment - there are a lot of instructions with extensive content on the stratification of persimmon seeds, distillation, disinfection process. You don't need to do anything like that, especially, when the seeds are planted fresh, straight from the fruit. It is enough to sprinkle them with earth and provide regular watering. In a few days (2 weeks maximum), powerful sprouts will appear on the surface, reach for the light. If the stone was separated from the fetus a few days or weeks ago, it should be kept in solution with a growth stimulant (Kornevin, Accent);
  1. Persimmon at home requires careful and special care, because it is a plant of the tropics. It seems to many, that persimmons require year-round tropical conditions and only in this case you can get a harvest. In fact, everything is different - persimmons are resistant to severe cold, So, example, virgin form is able to withstand frosts -40 ° C. The tree definitely needs a cold period of rest in winter, after it, even persimmons at home from seed begin to bear fruit;
  1. Fertilizers and top-dressings are necessary for cultivation at home - in the nature from other cultures persimmons differ demanding to lightness of soil., because it tolerates heavy soils poorly. Care is important when it comes to fertilizers. It is better to malnourish the tree, than overdo it with top dressing.

Homes to grow persimmons are not so difficult, exactly, how to get fruit, it only takes time and patience.

persimmon harvest - in the photo

Persimmon - growing at home from seed

Delicious persimmon, - growing at home which, for many it is not possible, in fact it is not a very complicated procedure, consisting of several stages:

1. Preparation of containers with soil - for persimmon seeds you need to prepare in advance planting containers in the form of compact pots or boxes and a light substrate based on peat with gray calcined river sand, meadow humus in equal proportions;

2. Sowing persimmon seeds - seeds should be planted in ready soil for persimmons and watered in this way, so that the water does not stagnate, that did not form dirt. Put away in a warm place without drafts. After germination of seeds (across 10-14 days) you need to rearrange them on the windowsill, closer to the sun. If the seed shell lags behind the leaves, interfering with normal growth, you can gently remove it with a knife or wrap in damp gauze and leave for a while, during which the protective shell will fall off on its own, swelled;

3. Make a pick - is carried out after the initial planting of seeds. At high temperatures with sufficient humidity persimmon sprouts are actively growing and after a couple of weeks of regular watering they can be planted in individual pots, where each seedling will form a tree with a root system.

persimmon seeds - in the photo

In the first year persimmons are actively growing, requiring regular replacement of the pot. The diameter of the next pot should be larger than the traitor 3-4 cm. The first replacement can be done through 2-3 months, then more 2 times. For the next year, the replacement is performed every 6 months, and from the third year of life - annually.

Persimmon at home - care

When growing persimmons at home, care is needed and most importantly - do not spoil the tree, otherwise it will turn into accelerators, and will not please any flower. It is necessary to understand, that even the most favorable home conditions will not replace natural ones, therefore it is necessary to force persimmons to bear fruit by maintaining a balance between favorable conditions and stressful:

1. Provide the right light regime - persimmon loves the sun, therefore it needs to be exposed on a loggia more often, balcony, to take out in a garden, it is better to start closer to the evening or on cloudy days, when the sun is not hot, and ultraviolet light in the atmosphere dissipates. If the sun is too bright, shading should be done and should be remembered, that the tree will consume more water, so, will need to increase watering;

2. Water regularly - it is necessary to water the persimmon tree at home as the soil dries, not forgetting, that excessive moisture is harmful. It is also useful to spray the tree;

3. Top-dressing - persimmons at home do not require a lot of top-dressing, often responding to them with morbidity with insufficient growth and a good answer to questions, than to feed persimmons at home, will be universal inorganic complex fertilizers for houseplants. The tree doesn't like organics very much. An example is the complex fertilizer Agricola for flowers. Consumption rate 5 ml of 1 liter of water. Regularity of top dressing - 2 times a month, small doses;

4. Form a persimmon crown - after 4 or 5 leaves can begin to inoculate sprouts, provoking the growth of lateral shoots, they also need to be pinched after 4-5 leaflet, to allow the tree to grow, as a result, it will give an incentive to lay fruit buds.

In addition to all the above, winter storage is required, representing a period of rest in persimmons, and it should be organized for the tree at home from mid-autumn - at this time you need to reduce watering, and stop feeding completely, so gradually the leaves turn yellow and fall off. It is best to store the tree in a dark place with a temperature range of 0 to +5 ° C. During the winter you need to regularly ventilate the room and water the persimmons a couple of times, which will contribute to the next harvest.

Persimmon is considered one of the favorite delicacies of the people of our country, annually look forward to its appearance on the shelves. Ardent supporters of the valuable fruit - persimmon, growing at home is considered the easiest thing to do. Actually, it takes some patience and some effort, but the end result will not take long and will please the good, strong and ripe fruit.

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