Berry apple tree: description and characteristics of the Siberian variety

There is a great variety of trees. Which can be found in any garden or vegetable garden. One of them will definitely be an apple tree, of one kind or another. Each of them has distinctive features, but they all bring not only the joy of these blooms in spring, but also delicious and juicy fruits - apples. One such variety is the Yahidna apple tree.


This apple tree can be found in any part of our strip. Berry apple tree, it is also Siberian - a tree of average height 5 meters. Family varieties - Siberia. It differs in that, that it is a slow growing tree, so you do not have to wait for the fruit quickly. But, fruiting and flowering occurs properly, every year and very abundantly. Due to that, that it does not grow very fast, apple tree is popular as an ornamental tree or garden decoration. Sometimes you can see it as a pollinator for other species, planted precisely for the purpose of obtaining fruit - they as a result become more resistant to frost.

The tree itself is round, leaves ovate or elliptical. The tree stands out just in the autumn - then the leaves acquire an attractive bright yellow color, sometimes with shades of orange. Pink buds during flowering turn into very beautiful white flowers with a very strong and pleasant smell. In summer, the tree attracts beautiful attention, correct crown shape, saturated green.


The peculiarity of the variety is, what exactly it gives the popular apples of paradise, sometimes, as the description says, they are called Ranetki. Small spherical fruits are small - up to one centimeter and a beautiful bright red color. Another plus is that, that apples hang on a tree for a very long time, until then, as it does not drop leaves. Apples are rich in vitamin C., unlike other varieties of apples. Paradise apples are characterized by their unpretentious care. That is why a large number of hybrids of this variety have appeared on the market today, which retains its basic initial characteristics.

Small fruits can be eaten, and very often they have pleasant taste characteristics. Besides, very popular cooking a variety of twists and jams of apples, which are usually used in conjunction with peduncles. Apples are not boiled during cooking, retain their shape, and, Besides, acquire a very beautiful honey color. Many of these little apples make very tasty candied fruits!

Also attractive among gardeners is due to high resistance to scab. If you are looking for a beautiful tree, which would please not only the beautiful and lush crown and the pleasant aroma of flowers, but also brought delicious amazing fruit - then the berry apple tree is perfect. It will not only be the main decoration of the garden, but also will allow yourself and your family to be pampered with very tasty little paradise apples, honey jam in winter and candied fruit at any time of year.

Video "Apple Berry"

In this video you will hear a description of the Yahidna apple tree.